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Baby Delivery

Drs. Tracy Coffey and Ashley Huff discuss geographic inequities and extraordinarily long transports
Obstetrics studies reveal best practices in newborn suctioning, umbilical cord clamping
Identify possible risk factors for pregnancy, and connect women and families to local resources
REACT EMS crew faced an at-home delivery in Shawnee
Beaufort EMS personnel had to move on foot during Tropical Storm Ophelia to reach a woman in labor
Livonia EMS chief delivers FD colleague’s baby
This year’s strangest tales involved a medic who won a lottery, providers treating family members, a heroic dispatcher, unfriendly animals and unique car crashes
“She followed all of my instructions to a ‘T’ and did an amazing job,” Dispatcher Scott Stranghoener said
West Virginia Northern Community College also received a mobile ambulance simulator
Taylor Cruz said he went “into work mode” for his first baby delivery – his daughter
A volunteer firefighter/paramedic was in the right place at the right time for an expectant mother and her visiting family
“I was like, ‘Don’t worry, I’ve done this before,’” said Nicole Segalini, a high school senior then. “I just didn’t clarify that I had done it with a plastic baby.”
2-week-old Julian Juan Torres and his family stopped by Columbus Station 27 to say thank you
American Ambulance Paramedic Mindy Fisher shares tips for these high-stress cases and a delivery story from the field
The son of Firefighter Lynn Carpenter and Firefighter-EMT Austin Carpenter was born while Lynn was on a ventilator, fighting for her life