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911 and Dispatch

A busy roadway is hands-down the most dangerous environment where we routinely work
How communities are saving lives by understanding where and when overdoses occur
From gathering necessities to understanding the hazards once the winds have ceased, these seven steps will ensure your community is prepared for a major storm
A Zanesville woman pleaded guilty to making false alarms and misuse of 911
With Prepared’s technology, iPhone users can share live video during an Emergency SOS call; dispatchers can also share data with first responders while they’re en route
St. Petersburg and Denver officials see success in new responses to behavioral health calls
Officials in Kern County say over 40% of their calls are bogus or don’t warrant a response
Download this EMS1 computer-aided dispatch systems and record management systems buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
Officials determined that a firewall, not a cyberattack, prevented 911 calls from going through
Agencies across the state are letting citizens know about outage
Snohomish County 911 and Valley Com 911 successfully executed a live 911 call re-routing drill on June 5, confirming the vision that has been four years in the making
Dispatcher Leon Price repeatedly asked the patient’s daughter whether the patient would be willing to be transported; she died a day later
Learning how difficult call assignments can be made and where the industry is headed next
Chippewa County dispatchers say the St. Joseph’s Hospital closure ties up resources, placing them on calls longer while waiting for first responders
Ventura County began using text 911 dispatchers in 2021
Morgan County 911 dispatchers describe the rewards and challenges that come with the job
Antoinette Finau served as an emergency services dispatcher with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office for nearly 3 years
EMS Products
The guide is a reference tool for emergency managers and first responders interested in learning about the products, services and capabilities available with FirstNet, the nationwide public safety broadband network
“I’ve got shots fired and an officer down,” a marshal can be heard saying over police radio. “Multiple rounds are being fired at officers”
Regardless of pushback, providers have a responsibility to put the safety of the patient above all else when on scene
The Albert Lea Fire Rescue community risk reduction program provides follow-up with EMS patients and has the interest of other agencies
EMS Products
The program will deploy 911-integrated drones, equipped with AEDs, naloxone and tourniquets to assist in emergencies such as cardiac arrests, opioid overdoses and trauma incidents
A Horry County man called 911 three times before getting an answer while his wife was having a seizure
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Office of EMS is monitoring the incidents in Nebraska, Nevada, South Dakota and Texas
President Biden’s letter acknowledges the dedication of public safety telecommunicators and applauds the lifesaving service of 911 heroes
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s National 911 Program has gathered a variety of resources to help you celebrate your colleagues and other 911 centers
First responders in Santa Fe County are currently using an unsecure, aging system with many dead spots
Consider these gifts and tips for showing your appreciation during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week
First-of-its-kind technology immediately delivers ‘eyes on the scene’ to 911 professionals empowering them to give precise details to first responders to accelerate and improve their response