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Fatal Incidents

The fatal incidents topic deals with a range of articles, news and exclusives surrounding the unfortunate side of a responders’ job.

New proposed standards may require significant action to improve safe practices
Is it the providers’ responsibility to stay until the patient can be located? If not, how long is long enough?
Three takeaways from the conviction of Aurora Fire Rescue paramedics in the death of Elijah McClain
Independent autopsy of Jameek Lowery counters the state’s cause of death due to cardiac arrest while under the influence of bath salts
The California Highway Patrol said Recruit Jacob Fuerte was in an earlier collision before exiting his vehicle and was not in a hit-and-run incident
LAFD paramedics, USAR team worked to lift the forklift off the worker
Jacob Fuerte was on his way to training when he stopped to help at a vehicle crash
Coroner’s report states Reginal Payne suffered cardiac arrest after being restrained face down, in the prone position
Two Newport News firefighters were terminated after an investigation found they ignored protocols
Data shows Oregon has the highest rate of death per 100,000 people
Portland man was trapped overnight when the equipment to hold the stump failed
Rialto firefighters stated they were following COVID-19 guidelines when they refused to enter as a patient was in cardiac arrest
A section of a crane from a Fort Lauderdale high-rise fell onto a bridge striking two vehicles
The DeLand Police Department said the two slammed into each other resulting in “a hard landing”
Officials say the decline comes even as more people are driving
An argument escalated into gunfire inside a Nashville restaurant
The jury found that Matthew Plote, a former Illinois volunteer firefighter, killed Melissa Lamesch before setting her house on fire
A man died and a woman was injured when their vehicle went off an 80-foot cliff
LAFD USAR members worked to lift the forklift off the worker
The man struck by a Millerburg EMS vehicle was walking in the street at 5:00 a.m.
An infant is in critical condition after the crash near Muni’s West Portal Station
Firefighter Frank Whitt was killed in a crash while en route to escort EMT Drake Adams to a funeral home
The Elliott County firefighter struck a guardrail and went over an embankment after the EMT died in a separate incident
Both vehicles were engulfed in flames when firefighters from the Rushville FD and Schuyler County Fire Protection District arrived at the scene
Columns in the Surfside collapse that killed 98 people did not meet 1980s standards
A Lifeguard Ambulance EMT was ejected after the ambulance they were in hit a guardrail and overturned
Regional agencies cover calls allowing Burnsville officials to focus on the families of the fallen
The Elijah McClain trial highlighted gaps in medical procedures that experts said must be addressed
Family of a Buffalo man shot during a basketball game believe a 30-minute delay led to death