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Active Shooter

The Active Shooter topic gives EMTs and paramedics an invaluable resource to find news articles, response and triage tips and expert commentary for active shooter response - from stopping severe bleeding, triaging multiple patients, and entering the warm zone in a rescue task force, as well as advice to pass to your family in the event of an active shooter encounter.

Although teamwork is a natural element of public safety, it’s easy for leaders to become complacent and fail to pay sufficient attention to team dynamics
Learn from a real-world use case of the rescue strike team and the three phases of deployment
Takeaways from Dr. Tan and Chief Wylie on training and communicating to deploy rescue task forces, unified command and casualty collection points
A video shared from the scene showed someone apparently performing chest compressions on a shooting victim as another person, seemingly writhing in pain, lay on the ground nearby
Law enforcement relayed that 11 of the victims were children who were transported to Children’s Mercy, a Level 1 pediatric trauma center in the city
Two off-duty officers engaged an armed woman who opened fire inside the Houston church
Trainers across the country are including pyrotechnics, paid actors and virtual reality to better simulate realism for first responders
Officials in Ashtabula County held a drill at Conneaut High School and learned what they can improve upon
Dallas County Sheriff Adam Infante said the first officers encountered multiple victims
Which event will have the biggest impact on EMS? Cast your vote
The abandoned Lexington school will provide training for active shooter situations and other emergencies
The first university officer arrived within 78 seconds of the gunfire report, and university and city police swarmed the building
The gunman opened fire at a University of Nevada, Las Vegas building, killing three people and critically wounding a fourth before dying in a shootout with police
Las Vegas police said the shooter has been located and is deceased
The training ended with an exercise involving mock shooting victims, allowing medics to refine skills such as wound packing