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Sacramento’s Squad 102 will be staffed by paramedics and is expected to respond to over 3,000 calls a year
The NOPEC Foundation awarded a $39,500 grant to the Ashtabula County Water Rescue Team
Multiple agencies participated in a drill at Fort Harrison involving protestors blocking a roadway
Firefighters from three departments are recognized for their quick work with CPR and an AED
Burleson Fire Chief Casey Davis previously served as an EMS chief, assistant chief and fire marshal
Duette Fire Chief Rocky Parker wants Manatee County officials to allow volunteer paramedics to provide ALS service
The patient fell 40 feet at the Great Falls in Salisbury
Delco Revive provides free training and materials to respond to an overdose
These social media posts show how various agencies and departments recognized EMS personnel across the country for EMS Week
The Seminole County Fire Department’s Save-A-Life program helped train Winter Springs High School students in hands-only CPR
County executives are pushing for the passage of bills funding EMS
Survivors had the time to thank their rescuers in the annual Second Chance Ceremony
Peyton Fire Protection District officials are looking at in-house solutions to AMR’s response time, staffing problems
Grand County EMS personnel had to create a multistage, complex rope system amidst challenging windy, rainy conditions
Yi-Joo Kwon met his rescuers at the FDNY’s annual “Second Chance” celebration
Tualatin Valley firefighters had to stabilize several vehicles during two separate extrications
$6 million from the package will be used for a sprint medic pilot program in three counties
New Athens officials are replacing the New Athens Ambulance Service with MedStar due to funding spent trying to increase staffing
A man stole a Sacramento Fire Department EMS captain’s pickup truck leading to a police pursuit and standoff
Uvalde families file suit against nearly 100 state police officers following a report that listed “cascading failures” in training, communication, leadership and technology problems
New labor regulations will increase the salary threshold for overtime exemptions – Steve Wirth shares how this impacts EMS roles
A firefighter charged with urinating on a medic’s belongings is a sign of a problem left brewing for too long
A 13-step action plan to provide compassionate and effective care while navigating the evolving legal landscape
Three takeaways from the conviction of Aurora Fire Rescue paramedics in the death of Elijah McClain
While the CPR intervention may prove beneficial, more evidence is needed before it can become a standard of care
Is building a new kind of clinician merely a Herculean task or a fully Sisyphean one?

This year’s exercise simulated what it would take to help ensure mission-critical communication capabilities during a large-scale event with over 100,000 attendees, as well as during a cyber attack and a terrorist attack
New tool for public safety can help answer and triage calls, respond via text, and consolidate data from multiple sources around a single incident
RapidSOS Unite brings together all of the company’s tools and technologies under one program, while introducing specialized “modules” for agencies to customize to meet their communities’ needs