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Preston County officials are working to expand their EMS area of operations
In 2023, a Labrador with the University of South Carolina PD, trained in detecting firearms and explosives, won the Law Enforcement and First Responder category
Three victims were initially pronounced dead at the scene and several others were injured when a pickup truck crashed into a group celebrating July Fourth in Manhattan
Providence hospital officials said an an anesthesiologist who may not have followed infection control practices
League City EMS plans to be carrying whole blood on all of its ambulances in two years
Lowe’s Hometowns will be funding $620K to renovate first responder facilities, including updates to police department lobbies, making fire departments comfortable and more
Millions are without power after Hurricane Beryl swept into Texas
First responders from two counties responded to several calls involving injured persons and sinking boats
The stuntman crashed during a high-speed chase scene on the Detroit-Superior Bridge
St. Paul police said the car struck a tree and a light pole before starting to burn
The Madison-Rockingham Rescue Squad technician pulled the victim from the water and began CPR
Kansas City firefighters entered the sewer and found the worker face down in six to eight inches of water
A hot air balloon became unanchored during a fair in Williams and crashed into several vehicles
Beryl came ashore as a Category 1 hurricane causing damaging winds and flash flooding
Approximately 100 people were attending a party at the Somerset County park when the explosion occurred
Three patients were flown to mainland hospitals after the boat they were in crashed into a Florida Keys bridge
Authorities said no one was in custody following a violent holiday weekend
The high temperature prevented a medical helicopter from transporting a patient in Nevada
A Long Beach Fire Department captain said speed was a factor in the Alamitos Bay crash
A mother and son are among the dead after a pickup truck struck a group celebrating July Fourth in a Manhattan park
EMS Chief Peggy Fonseca was fired due to budget overages and personally responding to calls
New labor regulations will increase the salary threshold for overtime exemptions – Steve Wirth shares how this impacts EMS roles
A firefighter charged with urinating on a medic’s belongings is a sign of a problem left brewing for too long
A 13-step action plan to provide compassionate and effective care while navigating the evolving legal landscape
Three takeaways from the conviction of Aurora Fire Rescue paramedics in the death of Elijah McClain
While the CPR intervention may prove beneficial, more evidence is needed before it can become a standard of care

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