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Elko Regional Airport held a ceremony with the National EMS Memorial Service to remember 36 fallen EMS first responders
The Prospect Park fire chief apologized to the department and residents, saying he was sorry for putting the borough fire company in a negative light
Firefighters and EMS providers face barriers in seeking workers’ compensation, such as latency periods and pre-existing health conditions, FIRST Center research shows
The now-former Americus Hose Company fire captain made a post on X related to the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump
EMS received a higher budget cut than others because “expenditures have increased at an astronomical rate over the last few years,” an Allegany County administrator said
Trump campaign statement thanks law enforcement, first responders and says “he is fine and is being checked out at a local medical facility”
The North Kingsville Fire Department ended it’s part-time EMS staffing after trial period
UC Health Lifeline One Flight crew and Longmont residents were hailed as heroes for saving the life of a shooting victim
Plum EMS is working to get overdose patients who refuse transport to the hospital into treatment programs
Preston County officials are working to expand their EMS area of operations
In 2023, a Labrador with the University of South Carolina PD, trained in detecting firearms and explosives, won the Law Enforcement and First Responder category
Three victims were initially pronounced dead at the scene and several others were injured when a pickup truck crashed into a group celebrating July Fourth in Manhattan
Providence hospital officials said an an anesthesiologist who may not have followed infection control practices
The lawsuit alleges women were barred from becoming paramedics by unnecessary physical tests
Flocks of birds have been swarming drones causing the FDNY and NYPD to adjust flight plans
Decatur Morgan Hospital EMS is appealing a second response time fine since their service started in 2021
League City EMS plans to be carrying whole blood on all of its ambulances in two years
Over 142 million people across the U.S. have been under heat alerts
Julio Cervantes Suarez recalls calling out for his companions while holding onto a piece of concrete
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea responded negatively to the proposal of having lifeguards on duty following the death of a 7-year-old girl buried in the sand
We must consider patient evacuation, resource allocation and training ourselves and our communities in the wake of an assassination attempt on former President Trump
EMS Chief Peggy Fonseca was fired due to budget overages and personally responding to calls
New labor regulations will increase the salary threshold for overtime exemptions – Steve Wirth shares how this impacts EMS roles
A firefighter charged with urinating on a medic’s belongings is a sign of a problem left brewing for too long
A 13-step action plan to provide compassionate and effective care while navigating the evolving legal landscape
Three takeaways from the conviction of Aurora Fire Rescue paramedics in the death of Elijah McClain

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