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EMS Grants

EMS1’s Grants section provides a comprehensive database of grants, news, information and resources to help EMS providers identify and secure available grant funding.

In the spirit of today’s theme, we express our heartfelt gratitude to the remarkable members of the EMS community who go beyond the call every shift
Inspiring ways to recognize providers’ contributions, educate the community and recruit the next generation
Detailing changes to equipment and PPE priority lists
EMS personnel across four states were recognized by their peers for dedication, service
Lifeline Ambulance personnel were recognized for their commitment to high-quality EMS
Stratford EMS Director Michael A. Loiz has championed responder safety, PTSD coverage and increasing reimbursements
Kingston Mayor Steve Noble said the grant will fund staffing over three years
Grants distributed over the next two years will be used by first responders in communities with high overdose rates
Officials in New London hope a SAFER grant will allow them to staff, operate an additional ambulance
EMS Products
A $2 million grant awarded is helping to launch a program in Cambria County that will use airborne drones to bring drugs and other medical supplies to rescue scenes and help emergency responders save more lives
First responders have been given broad discretion in how to use the funds, such as purchasing equipment related to fire, rescue and emergency services
Middletown Division of Fire perosnnel and Atrium Medical Center staff were recognized for providing critical care to twins born prematurely
Funding for Crawford County first responders comes from proceeds from the state’s slot machine gaming
Endowed by FirstWatch, the Fellowship seeks emerging EMS leaders who are people-centered, data driven
Scholarship opportunities in leadership development, mentoring, degree assistance are available
Lexipol earns national recognition for most passionate employees
The nomination for the 2024 Business Intelligence Group award focused on the Cordico wellness app
Lexipol’s comprehensive suite of solutions address key challenges for public safety and local government agencies
The Best in Biz Award recognizes the new version of Lexipol’s Cordico wellness app for first responders
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security grant funds counter-terrorism operations for nine cities, towns
Fire departments, EMS, law enforcement agencies and sport medicine organizations are invited to apply
Funding will help add mental health professionals to calls for help, provide appropriate treatment to individuals in crisis
Funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is to help EMS support residents in rural communities
Painesville Fire Chief Tom Hummel said the powered chairs will reduce the risk of back and shoulder injuries
“Because of their training, these public servants, these people, were all able to come together and coordinate their efforts to work as a team and save these boys,” the DA said
Clarksville received a $495,000 grant from the state, which will support the program for three years
Why smaller EMS agencies need grant funding, and four programs to look into
The project, aimed at thoroughly assessing the occupational risks first responders face, has received an initial funding boost of $249,000