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Community Paramedicine

The community paramedicine topic features articles, columns, training, podcasts and videos about the future of EMS by developing community paramedicine, or integrated mobile healthcare, programs for EMS personnel.

Sunny Wescott, lead meteorologist for the Department of Homeland Security’s CISA, identifies community risks
By working on prescription compliance, smoking cessation and other risk factors, community medics can make a difference in the lives of stroke patients
Communication applications, tech allow real-time feedback on critically ill patients; enable error-insulated hospital reporting
Sandy Springs officials joined RiteSite Health in a move to free EMS units for emergency 911 calls
Funds for Evanston’s Crisis Alternative Response Evanston team will help enhance mental health interventions
DocGo stood out as one of the top companies to meet employee needs
Legislation includes a protocol checklist for treating patients in their homes instead of being transported to an emergency department
Through the new quarters, Lancaster EMS highlights the increasing calls for service and a desire to increase engagement with community services
Riley County EMS handles a spike in calls for service thanks to community care team
EMS leader to focus on assisting departments, agencies with sustainability of mobile healthcare delivery systems
The Albert Lea Fire Rescue community risk reduction program provides follow-up with EMS patients and has the interest of other agencies
Crawfordsville IN’s nationally-recognized MIH program expands the traditional scope of emergency care to encompass mental and physical wellness, education and community resources
RAND report finds 911 and 988 mental health hotline require coordination from law enforcement, mental health specialists and others to promote interoperability
Matt Zavadsky, MS-HA, EMT, details the impact of integrating a 211 system into the 911 process and the benefits to the community
Assistant EMS Chief Peter Hsiao said the practice of sending a psychiatric response team was “sound in theory” but not in practice
Creating, developing and sustaining your own program, step by step
Officials in Akron announced the formation of the Summit County Outreach Team program
Taking the concept of the right care, to the right person at the right resource to a new level
How Mehlville Fire Protection District used ET3 and community paramedicine to improve overall health and quality of life for the community
Inside Health 34 – UC Davis Fire’s mobile approach to non-emergent support and service navigation
Expert perspectives on improving patient outcomes
An inside look at Guilford County’s award-winning program response to low-acuity and behavioral health calls
New report reveals insights into prehospital heat-related incidents attended by EMS
Making care more accessible, reducing hospital utilization and improving outcomes
Pilot program in El Cajon diverted some 911 calls to nurses for the appropriate level of care
Colorado Springs Paramedic Nicholas Fisher tackled Dizmang and placed him in a headlock
If you’ve seen one community paramedicine program, then you’ve seen one program; here’s how successes from four different programs can be translated to new ones
The initial call for the Colorado Springs Community Response Medicine crew was for man lying near the water
Task force members discussed funding, salaries, regulations and community paramedicine