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Community Paramedicine

The community paramedicine topic features articles, columns, training, podcasts and videos about the future of EMS by developing community paramedicine, or integrated mobile healthcare, programs for EMS personnel.

In this topic, find analysis and takeaways from community paramedicine leaders like Dan Swayze, DrPH, MBA, MEMS; and Matt Zavadsky, MS-HSA, EMT, and get insights into how some of the most successful mobile integrated healthcare programs are serving their communities.

Also, learn:

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Pioneering patient management and communication tools may be the answer to enhancing provider job satisfaction and combating EMS retention problems
Dr. Linda Dykes and Rom Duckworth discuss trans-Atlantic lessons in emergency management
Clarksville received a $495,000 grant from the state, which will support the program for three years
Sameer Jafri, Rory Beyer and Moseley Andrews included in prestigious list recognizing 30 of the top innovators, game-changers, and influencers under the age of 30
Avive Solutions secured a prestigious Silver award within the Medical Devices & Technology – Medical Devices category for the Avive Connect AED
South County Fire is adding staff to its community resource paramedic program that has decreased 911 calls and emergency department visits
Organizers have seen a decrease in unplanned emergency department, hospital visits in the first year
The Office of Community Health and Safety mental responds to behavioral health crises, overdose incidents and homelessness
Missoula’s Mobile Support Team replaces the tradition police response to mental health, substance abuse calls
Chief David Lewis and Kyle Gaines join the podcast to discuss a successful MIH initiative getting patients to treatment counselors
State health officials say the street medicine program reaches some of the state’s sickest and most vulnerable people
Delaware County officials look at a pilot program using mental health professionals, certified peer specialists as a fourth emergency service
The Community Assisted Response and Engagement (CARE) department will send civilian responders to calls that do not warrant a police or fire response
The pilot program that launched Health 99 has seen patients overdosing multiple times due to a lack of treatment options