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Response Times

Resources to dispel 3 myths about hot response to improve clinician, patient and community safety
Plum EMS use cases demonstrate when the risk of using L&S is lower than the risk of delaying a lifesaving intervention
The Bicycle Emergency Response Team is engaging the community, while providing quick response to difficult-to-access venues
EMS1’s EMS trends state-of-the-industry survey provides targets for reducing stress, staffing challenges and leadership shortfalls
Officials forced Falck to add AMR in October to increase service
Multnomah County officials issued a warning in August about 14% of calls that warranted penalties
Our cohosts discuss the importance of upholding the greatest standards of ethics and responsibility, even when not in the public eye
Tipp City officials highlighted staffing and response time improvements in a budget review
Knox County officials received an independent review of their current EMS as current contracted service is set to expire
Legislation requires hospitals to develop ambulance bed delay protocols by Sept. 1, 2024
Area Ambulance paramedic Stefany Glassmeyer completed a hospital errand first before responding to the call
Floyd County officials are going month-to-month with New Chapel EMS as they look at specific EMS needs, deliverables
Coverage is sparse and transport times long in places like Pickens County
A Ross/West View EMS ambulance will posted at a Sheetz for faster response to elderly residents
Edmond city officials ended their partnership with EMSA and unanimously selected AMR