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Learn about the evolving threats of extortion, vulnerabilities and practical security against cyberattacks
Risk management expert and Lexipol co-founder Gordon Graham offers action steps for after a theft has occurred and how to prevent one in the future
As ransomware and other attacks continue to threaten public safety organizations, here’s how to guard against these events
Michigan Ascension hospitals continue diversions, rescheduling appointments in the aftermath of cyberattack across 15 states
In some areas, Ascension St. Vincent is diverting ambulances for specific cases
Ascension health system diverted ambulance, postponed tests and blocked access to medical records
An investigation is underway into how the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department had funds stolen during the purchase of ambulances
The ransomware attack on attack on UnitedHealth Group affected patient prescriptions nationwide
The Justice Department stated the group Blackcat launched an attack on UnitedHealth Group affecting Change Healthcare information
Anna Jaques Hospital, in Newburyport, had to divert ambulances after a crippling cyberattack
University of Kansas Health System St. Francis Campus is working to restore its network after a ransomware attack
Ardent Health Services operates 30 hospitals and over 200 care sites
Tri-City Medical Center rerouted ambulances due to what officials called “an internal disaster”
Authorities are investigating the cyberattack that demanded ransom from Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside
Two Westchester Medical Center Health Network facilities were forced to divert ambulances and transfer patients to other facilities
Two Westchester Medical Center Health Network facilities were forced to divert ambulances and transfer patients to other facilities
Hackers accessed the data of approximately 700 people that the Temple Terrace Fire Department treated or transported
It issues at Manchester and Rockville hospitals caused stroke patient diversions and impacted urgent care
Hayward Mayor Mark Salinas said the city’s recovery is ongoing
Hayward dispatchers and public safety personnel are having to track calls using pen and paper
Ladders and ropes were used to remove some passengers in the Manhattan bus collision
The Idaho Falls Community Hospital and the Mountain View Hospital were able to quickly limit the impact of the attack
Due to the attack, Dallas-Fire Rescue had to resort to a rudimentary method of manual dispatching that relies on radio communication
Social security numbers and other information belonging to at least 100,000 people was taken, according to court documents
MedStar increased staffing and “dispatchers used ... pen and paper to keep track of where paramedics and ambulances were”
The name and address of the patient were blurred, but other personal details were shared by the employee; AMR is investigating the incident
A previous billing vendor for Lee County Emergency Medical Services was affected
The number of people affected is unknown, but Comstar Ambulance Billing said that suspicious activity was detected in March
The attack may include Rockland, Maine, patient data such as names, birth dates, assessments, medications, insurance information and social security numbers