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They are MHA, PhD and MD-educated, and board-certified in Emergency Medicine and EMS Medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

They serve in leadership positions on local, state and national EMS organizations, including the National Association of EMS Physicians; NAEMT; the National EMS Education Standards Project; Fitch & Associates, Page, Wolfberg & Wirth; FirstWatch; The Code Green Campaign; the Center for Systems Improvement; the Priority Ambulance Leadership Foundation; Limmer Education; MEDIC Training Solutions; the American Heart Association; and Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC.

EMS1 columnists are frequent speakers at regional and national EMS conferences, including TEDx, and have contributed to the profession with published research and works including the “Emergency Care” textbook, “SUCCESS! for the Critical Care Paramedic,” “A Paramedic’s Story: Life, Death, and Everything in Between,” and “Mobile Integrated Healthcare – Approach to Implementation.”

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Insufficient sleep impacts decision-making, wellness and risk-taking, putting providers and patients at risk
The Mehlville Fire Protection District practitioners were turning at an intersection when they were struck by a passenger vehicle
One person was transported to the hospital as a precaution following the rescue
Niagara Falls Firefighter-EMT Josh Carey said there was “massive amounts of blood in the water”
Brian Paladino with the Willoughby Hills Fire Department jumped into the ambulance’s open passenger window to prevent the thief from fleeing
The 50,000-square-foot warehouse will be set to supply “resource centers” throughout the city after storms
Cheshire EMS Chief Charles McMurrer moves up from an interim position
The Oakland County sheriff said the first deputies on scene immediately began applying tourniquets; an 8-year-old boy who was shot in the head is in critical condition
The stranded kitesurfer used a pile of rocks on a North Coast beach to get help