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Los Angeles General Medical Center Dr. Molly Deane said it is remarkable the firefighters were not more severely injured
Two of the seven injured firefighters are in critical condition
The initial call for the Colorado Springs Community Response Medicine crew was for man lying near the water
Gasoline was poured into a fire pit after the fire did not ignite as expected
The 75-year-old Dalton man set himself on fire while using a lighter to open a bag of potato chips
Two children are among the injured in blast that damaged West Park homes
A pilot, passenger and truck driver escaped serious injury in a fiery crash on I-26 near Asheville
Oklahoma City firefighters arrived to find the pilot trying to save the passenger trapped in the burning wreckage
Marcellus Ambulance personnel faced a driver pinned upside down in a burning vehicle
The three patients were flown from the scene in Kissimmee to a hospital in Orlando
A shelter-in-place order was given to residents near Sound Resource Solutions in Shepherd
An explosion in Orland leveled one home and damaged two structures