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The rescue topic covers a range of tactical considerations for performing rescues or after natural disasters. Use this page to find tips all types of rescue in fire and EMS.

Paramedics Julie Purick and Davin Eshelman were exposed to respiratory injuries that were “secondary to the inhalation of hot smoke and gas,” the union said
Deputy Cory Patterson, who witnessed a man drive into a fence, broke into the man’s locked car and began administering lifesaving care immediately
First responders went beyond the call of duty, pulling animals from sinkholes, frozen ponds and bear dens
First responders from several agencies used nine sets of tubes during a technical rescue in Gridley
The fishermen was stranded on the Pulawat Atoll for three days
Sonoma County rescuers were lowered to reach the victim down a 200-foot ravine
Fire, EMS crews in Whitman faced an unusual rescue
Portland man was trapped overnight when the equipment to hold the stump failed
Paulding County first responders faced a worker buried up to his neck in a 20-foot deep trench
Veteran Somerset Officer/EMT Kevin Huzsek broke a window and crawled into a bedroom to rescue the resident, a woman in her 80s
Vancouver firefighters used wooden blocks to support the bus as they lifted it off the boy using hydraulic struts
Rescuers pulled two people out of the water after the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed; six people remain unaccounted for
A man died and a woman was injured when their vehicle went off an 80-foot cliff
Orange County firefighters decided the best way to rescue the man off the steep cliff was a helicopter “pick operation”
Birmingham firefighters worked to rescue the driver from under the beam, estimated to weigh 60,000 pounds
A Louisville firefighter was lowered to rescue the driver as the cab of her rig hung off the bridge after a crash
Willie Hatchett collasped next to where Atlanta Police Officer Melina Lim was stationed
One person was injured after the helicopter crashed on a remote beach on the island of Kauai
Gila Bend Paramedic Cody Jordan was critically injured when the cab unexpectedly fell on him
A Newton paramedic and Kingston EMT performed CPR on the firefighter and regained a pulse
After “numerous poor decisions” and a lengthy rescue, Cole Matthes drove himself to the hospital
The after-action report information from the Boise hangar collapse focuses on rescues, triage and scene safety
Crews in Tyron faced a person pinned by a large tree that fell onto a house
A rope rescue system was used to raise a Fontana woman from an old septic tank 25 feet below the ground
Storm system soaked the state a led to a state of emergency declaration for the southern coast
A second storm system moved into the state causing flooding, power outages and evacuations
Monica Laso yelled for help but no one heard her
PG&E had to secure power lines before Santa Clara County firefighters could begin extricating the patient
Elk City and Oklahoma City first responders utilized whole blood to save a worker pinned underneath a bulldozer