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The rescue topic covers a range of tactical considerations for performing rescues or after natural disasters. Use this page to find tips all types of rescue in fire and EMS.

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A Louisville firefighter was lowered to rescue the driver as the cab of her rig hung off the bridge after a crash
Ventura County began using text 911 dispatchers in 2021
First responders in Waterford were initially dispatched for a person injured in a fall
Paramedic Stacy Brayton and her son were getting into the river area when she saw people pulling a girl from the water
Overland Park firefighters faced a worker buried up to his waist 15 feet below the ground
An 18-year-old Allen High School graduate collapsed while participating in a citizen’s fire academy training
Lone Peak, is one of the highest peaks in the Wasatch Range towering over Salt Lake City
Officials report multiple injuries and damage in Portage and Kalamazoo
Veterinarians play a vital role in emergency situations, not only caring for the K-9 officers, but also tending to pets affected by disaster
A Sonoma County paramedic was lowered to people clinging to the side of a capsized boat in the first rescue
Crash in Woodland left the driver pinned under the steering wheel while diesel fuel and fresh concrete spilled onto the road
One teen was critically injured after falling 30 feet inside the intercontinental ballistic missile silo in Arapahoe County
An engine from Chuckawalla Valley State Prison/Ironwood State Prison Fire Station, staffed with two incarcerated firefighters, responded to a child’s cardiac arrest call
Dodge Center Ambulance personnel responded to a collapse at the Con-Tech plant
An oversized load fell off a trailer and onto a vehicle in Temple, killing two people
Sam Orbovich was unconscious, trapped in his burning car on I-94 in St. Paul
Lake County Assistant Chief/Paramedic Matthew Haerter was on his way to Arizona when a passenger lost consciousness
Catoosa County officials believe the man might have been trapped for more than a day
First responders from several agencies used nine sets of tubes during a technical rescue in Gridley
First responders used watercraft to rescue and evacuate residents in Oakdale
The fishermen was stranded on the Pulawat Atoll for three days
Sonoma County rescuers were lowered to reach the victim down a 200-foot ravine
A driver crashed a stolen tractor-trailer in the Brenham officer after his license renewal was rejected
Fire, EMS crews in Whitman faced an unusual rescue
Escambia County firefighters extricated the driver and two occupants of the house
Portland man was trapped overnight when the equipment to hold the stump failed