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Community Awareness

The community awareness topic brings together a range of articles about how communities around the world come together to uplift individuals or help EMS providers when in need.

Saving lives with bleeding control training and education
There are a number of ways that organizations involved in the campaign can participate
Inspiring ways to recognize providers’ contributions, educate the community and recruit the next generation
Delco Revive provides free training and materials to respond to an overdose
The Seminole County Fire Department’s Save-A-Life program helped train Winter Springs High School students in hands-only CPR
New Athens officials are replacing the New Athens Ambulance Service with MedStar due to funding spent trying to increase staffing
Through the new quarters, Lancaster EMS highlights the increasing calls for service and a desire to increase engagement with community services
Riley County EMS handles a spike in calls for service thanks to community care team
EMS providers “embody the best of our Nation — bravery, honor and respect, never failing to answer the call to help others,” President Joe Biden said
Firefighters union in Allegany County fights against proposed cuts, layoffs as volunteer ambulance service sets to close
After recovering from her injuries, Nicole Goslant was able to meet the Health First First Flight crew that saved her life
Tuesday’s theme aims to foster a culture of safety, collaboration and preparedness within the EMS industry and in local communities
This year marks the 50th recognition of EMS Week, established in 1974 by President Gerald Ford
Laurens County EMS Captain Andy Heiney was known for his professionalism, courage and selflessness
Torin Slaughter is raising money to install about 100 Stop the Bleed kits at Case High School
A debate forms over what is an emergency for a Longview man and first responders
This symbol shows that we belong to something important and we are part of the power, strength and knowledge of every EMT
In a concise one-hour course, participants will learn three essential steps to control bleeding
Former state trooper helps MHS students become comfortable with law enforcement
Meigs County EMS Director Tony Finnell surprised officials when asked about response times at a public safety meeting
The Albert Lea Fire Rescue community risk reduction program provides follow-up with EMS patients and has the interest of other agencies
A Horry County man called 911 three times before getting an answer while his wife was having a seizure
Beaufort County officials requested bids for transport service from Daufuskie Island to Hilton Head
A call about a man walking barefoot in the snow led to an idea with an old RV
Fans in Crown Point said in a post published on April Fools’ Day that too much attention is given to the Chicago Bears for the AED fundraiser
The marina’s owner adjusted services to meet first responders’ needs, such as keeping the fuel dock open 24/7 and opening the cafe for most of the day
Here’s an overview of how to keep your eyes safe during a solar eclipse and where to find reputable vendors for solar eclipse glasses
Matt Zavadsky, MS-HA, EMT, details the impact of integrating a 211 system into the 911 process and the benefits to the community
Paramedic Bambi Dame was determined unfit for duty after Northwestern Medical Center staff reported signs of impairment