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Stop The Bleed

Saving lives with bleeding control training and education
There are a number of ways that organizations involved in the campaign can participate
Stock up on these bleeding control products and be ready to respond to emergency trauma both on and off duty
Technimount EMS is pleased to introduce to the Canadian market the Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet – Stabilized, a multi-purpose life-saving device to stop massive bleeding in the junctional regions of the body and pelvis.
Lifeguards closed Del Mar Beach for 48 hours after the incident
Widespread adoption by EMS agencies faces challenges due to equipment purchases and insurance
MCI trailers provide a critical tool for dealing with emergency incidents
It’s on agencies to provide opportunities for community members to learn the skills needed to potentially save the life of a stranger or loved one
Regularly reviewing and practicing MCI skills will make sure EMS personnel are ready to act when a major incident happens
Keeping patients moving toward definitive treatment through accurate triage of life threats is the key to EMS success at a mass casualty incident
Inspiring ways to recognize providers’ contributions, educate the community and recruit the next generation
Expansion of the pilot program also allows paramedics to administer whole blood
Torin Slaughter is raising money to install about 100 Stop the Bleed kits at Case High School
In a concise one-hour course, participants will learn three essential steps to control bleeding
Colorado Springs paramedics are training on using whole blood in the field
Members of Medic 27, Engine 10 and EMS 2 were the first to use whole blood on a patient since the program started
South Bend Fire Department is one of three in the state now carrying whole blood
Use this guide to determine when to activate air EMS and transport to a level 1 burn center
Indianapolis officers faced “a large group of juveniles,” including several who were shot
Medics with Grady Memorial Hospital now have the training and equipment to treat patients with transfusions
Las Vegas officers relied on EMS training, IFAKs when they found the wounded professor
Grady EMS paramedics will be the first in Atlanta to do blood transfusions in the field
The Crawfordsville pilot program is expected to increase a patient’s chance of survival
Research underscores the life-saving impact of administering whole blood transfusions as quickly as possible
Stabilizing a patient in despair suffering from tracheostomy bleeding
Put your trauma care knowledge to the test on trauma terminology and assessment
Conquer stressful calls, identify treatment challenges and pitfalls, and use technology to its best potential to save lives this summer and beyond
First responders in Carthage faced a man trapped in a machine at the Schreiber Foods plant
Elk City and Oklahoma City first responders utilized whole blood to save a worker pinned underneath a bulldozer