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Bleeding Control

Video: Watch as a police officer manages the first critical minutes of a stabbing
It’s on agencies to provide opportunities for community members to learn the skills needed to potentially save the life of a stranger or loved one
Equipping citizens to put down the cell phone and save lives in an emergency
Parker County Hospital District paramedics faced an amputation and having to perform bilateral finger thoracostomies
Four women were injured in what authorities called a random attack at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston
Vallejo first responders successfully removed the man from the fence spike
Utica first responders treated an injured zookeeper after they “came in contact” with a male African lion
One of the patients was transported to a hospital in critical condition
The report on the shooting in Virginia Beach that killed 12 people covered more training for first responders and teaching civilians how to slow victim bleeding
Black Hills Life Flight becomes the first in the state to have its aircraft carrying whole blood
Five Taunton police officers, including the police chief, were stabbed by the suspect after he crashed into a house
Travis Muller was cleaning out the bin when he became caught in the power sweep auger
The IAEMSC position cites numerous studies highlighting the advantages of prehospital administration of blood and blood products
The state’s “Blood on Board” program has delivered whole blood to 23 patients across the state since its start in May
The incident is the first time someone at Rockaway Beach has been bitten by a shark in 70 years