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Pediatric Care

Prepare for the unique and often difficult challenges of pediatric patient assessment and treatment with our collection of expert-written columns, original video and news.

A new version is tailored for EMS, and enhanced guidance will improve burn care
Ensuring equitable treatment for all communities begins with understanding how unintentional racism can produce racist outcomes in EMS
This day’s theme highlights the pediatric clinical care provided by EMS and the need for increased specialized training for our youngest patients
The kits contain medications to help Polk County Fire Rescue EMS prevent seizures and reduce brain swelling
Several patients experiencing headaches and dizziness at a North Whitehall childcare center were transported to area hospitals
First responders were called to the daycare on reports of three unconscious children
Manchester-by-the-Sea firefighters had one of their fire engines certified as carrying ALS care
Goose Creek Fire Department has added nitrous oxide/oxygen systems to its scope of pain management
Flight 60 is a turbine-driven ventilator developed by Israeli manufacturer Flight Medical
The children in the Penn Township crash were transported to UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh
The investigative report finds Topsfield EMTs “grossly failed to take care of this patient appropriately”
Zayn suffers from hypoplastic left heart syndrome which puts him at high risk for a stroke
A Miami County official said there was a “surge of chemicals” at the Troy pool that caused several children to be taken to local hospitals
First responders had to work in rugged terrain in Larimer County to reach the converted school bus
Authorities in Longmeadow say muriatic acid was stolen from a nearby pool building and poured on the slides