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Pediatric Care

Prepare for the unique and often difficult challenges of pediatric patient assessment and treatment with our collection of expert-written columns, original video and news.

With the help of Pulsara, some young patients can be safely taken directly from the scene to behavioral health facilities
Engage your participants in pediatric resuscitation protocols, equipment and patient assessment
Understand how respiratory monitoring devices can be used to guide treatment during and after seizures
Houston first responders found the baby inside a bag in the dumpster
Follow these steps to facilitate a successful outcome for dealing with emergencies involving kids
An initial visual assessment can identify threats to you and your patient before you narrow down a differential diagnosis
Go back to the basics with a thorough understanding of pediatric appearance, breathing and circulation warning signs, and the cardinal rule of pediatric assessment
A hot air balloon became unanchored during a fair in Williams and crashed into several vehicles
Three patients were flown to mainland hospitals after the boat they were in crashed into a Florida Keys bridge
Decatur Morgan EMS personnel continued on foot with the 2-year-old patient after their rig broke down a quarter of a mile away from the hospital
Syracuse firefighters said they saw so many people on the scene that it was tough to tell who was a victim
Drowning is the second leading cause of death among children 5 and younger
Download this EMS1 pediatric equipment buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
From where to begin, to last-resort options: Tips and tricks I’ve picked up during hundreds of pediatric IV placements
First responders in Syracuse rescued several members of two families including a child trapped in a car
Reedsburg Ambulance paramedics will be notified when the system is used and will transport the infant to Reedsburg Area Medical Center for evaulation
Sunny Wescott, lead meteorologist for the Department of Homeland Security’s CISA, identifies community risks
Survivors of the Newtown school shooting shared how the tragedy has shaped them and their future
The Maine Department of Health and Human Services has approved the use of the KangooFix and oxytocin
Steve Whitehead gives you permission to break things in this episode of One for the Road
Drowning is the number one cause of death in children 1-4 years old
If children aren’t properly restrained in the back of your ambulance, it puts everyone at risk
Rochester fire officials said a propane heater caught fire before the blast
EMS personnel administered CPR and hydroxocobalamin after the firefighter was pulled from the burning house
This day’s theme highlights the pediatric clinical care provided by EMS and the need for increased specialized training for our youngest patients
The APGAR score is a widely used, standard method to assess a newborn infant
Inspiring ways to recognize providers’ contributions, educate the community and recruit the next generation
Tuesday’s theme aims to foster a culture of safety, collaboration and preparedness within the EMS industry and in local communities
This year marks the 50th recognition of EMS Week, established in 1974 by President Gerald Ford