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Pediatric Care

Prepare for the unique and often difficult challenges of pediatric patient assessment and treatment with our collection of expert-written columns, original video and news.

Steve Whitehead gives you permission to break things in this episode of One for the Road
If children aren’t properly restrained in the back of your ambulance, it puts everyone at risk
This day’s theme highlights the pediatric clinical care provided by EMS and the need for increased specialized training for our youngest patients
Survivors of the Newtown school shooting shared how the tragedy has shaped them and their future
The Maine Department of Health and Human Services has approved the use of the KangooFix and oxytocin
Drowning is the number one cause of death in children 1-4 years old
Rochester fire officials said a propane heater caught fire before the blast
EMS personnel administered CPR and hydroxocobalamin after the firefighter was pulled from the burning house
The APGAR score is a widely used, standard method to assess a newborn infant
Inspiring ways to recognize providers’ contributions, educate the community and recruit the next generation
Tuesday’s theme aims to foster a culture of safety, collaboration and preparedness within the EMS industry and in local communities
This year marks the 50th recognition of EMS Week, established in 1974 by President Gerald Ford
Remain consistent once you’ve established the patient’s weight, ensure you know what’s in your containers and practice dosing calculations to prevent medication administration errors
Former state trooper helps MHS students become comfortable with law enforcement
We asked readers for advice on learning and studying pharmacology and received dozens of fantastic responses
A two-year-old boy died after a gust of wind sent the bounce house airborne
The EMS crew was about to administer epinephrine, “only they hadn’t noticed what I had; the patient’s heart rate was 268”
Understand how respiratory monitoring devices can be used to guide treatment during and after seizures
Two children were killed when a suspected drunk driver crashed into the Berlin Township building where the party was hosted
Emergency Medical Service for Children Program offers agencies to conduct an in-depth assessment of their pediatric readiness
Fire, EMS crews in Whitman faced an unusual rescue
Consider adding these often-encountered patients to your EMT or paramedic class’s patient assessment drills or high-fidelity patient simulations
Vancouver firefighters used wooden blocks to support the bus as they lifted it off the boy using hydraulic struts
Next time you select a book for your child, consider these EMS-themed reads
Spokane high school teammates Brody Graham and Grant Lichfield sprung into action when their coach suffered a cardiac arrest
Dayton Children’s Hospital’s state-of-the-art center includes an ambulance simulator
Crawfordsville IN’s nationally-recognized MIH program expands the traditional scope of emergency care to encompass mental and physical wellness, education and community resources
An infant is in critical condition after the crash near Muni’s West Portal Station
From assessing to intervening, this quiz covers vital airway management scenarios to ensure you’re equipped to handle emergencies confidently.