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Substance Abuse

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Austin-Travis County EMS Assistant Chief Steve White said at least 65 people were treated between Monday and Wednesday
DEA proposal would make marijuana a Schedule III drug but not make it legal for recreational use
CalRx’s Naloxone Access Initiative will purchase 3.2M twin packs of the drug at half the market price
Data on deaths related to methamphetamine and synthetic opioids show a sudden increase
Paramedics placed a backboard on the victim and an officer sat on it while they tried to restrain him
Overdose kits have been distributed to first responders in 11 communities in Hampden County
Santa Ana officials say needles littered the area and threatened quality of life
Grants distributed over the next two years will be used by first responders in communities with high overdose rates
Ocala Fire Captain Jesse Blaire was skeptical about the benefits of buprenorphine
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Two Springfield Township medics have been fired; the fire chief and assistant chief remain on leave
The new law makes so-called personal use possession a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail