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The EMS1 naloxone topic includes a variety of news, information, videos and analysis about the growing opioid addiction epidemic and EMS response challenges and strategies, including overdose assessment, treatment strategies and trends, drug delivery models and more.

Real-world data of high-dose naloxone administration by law enforcement officers found no added benefit to opioid overdose patients
Dr. Jerry Snow shares xylazine pharmacology, treatment tips and high-dose naloxone implications
The state-of-the industry survey focuses on wellness, career development and satisfaction in EMS
Study found the 8-milligram naloxone spray did not provide added benefit but did cause vomiting, more side effects
Coroner’s staff arrived after the Springfield Township paramedics left the scene and found the woman trying to breathe
MATTERS has installed 13 machines so far an plans to install 15 more
Help us identify the factors impacting wellness, career development and satisfaction in EMS
A surge in fentanyl deaths has become a top legislative issue in both states to
Eight patients were treated with naloxone after fire and EMS personnel were called to the North Park Blocks in Portland
The Justice Department is sending out over $3M to support mentoring for at-risk young people and increase access to naloxone.
First responders were called to the daycare on reports of three unconscious children
Increase in public deaths leaves individuals to consider carrying naloxone and businesses training employees on how to respond to overdoses
The opioid overdose-reversing drug is expected to be available at pharmacies nationally and online
The program aims for nurses to work alongside police officers to assist individuals struggling with substance use disorders and mental health