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Assessing and improving community health with the Healthy People 2030 plan
Preparing for the end of the PHE and the need to prepare a documentation time capsule
Long-term care facilities are at risk of becoming hotbeds of growth for the fungus that is rapidly spreading across the United States
Voters in Cedar County approved a measure funding a countywide ambulance service
Organizers have seen a decrease in unplanned emergency department, hospital visits in the first year
Approximately 1,000 patients have been seen at DocGo clinics outside Dollar General stores since the service started last fall
The Multnomah County study will research a round-the-clock facility for people suffering from mental illness and substance abuse
The Department of Health Services said falls are 18% of ambulance runs in 2022
A month after the devastating fire residents of Lahaina and Kula still cannot drink from the water system
Contra Costa Health officials say water and swab samples from a Richmond spa contained high levels of legionella bacteria
Searchers and cadaver dogs have covered 25% of the burned area of Lahaina
Mayor Michelle Wu said first responders, health professionals have encountered crowds of over 200 in the Mass and Cass area
Officials extended “Code Red” air quality alerts for a third straight day
Xylazine, often mixed with fentanyl, has necrotizing effects that rot the skin and lead to amputations
Over 400 wildfires in Canada have affected air quality in several states