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Ambulances and Emergency Vehicles

If children aren’t properly restrained in the back of your ambulance, it puts everyone at risk
Inspiring ways to recognize providers’ contributions, educate the community and recruit the next generation
Stories about patients stealing ambulances are common, so here’s how you can protect your vehicle
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The White Lake Ambulance Authority crew was responding to an unresponsive person when a driver pulled in front of the ambulance, causing a collision
The Day County EMT driving the ambulance heard a loud bang from underneath the patient compartment during transport
A chain reaction crash on I-5 killed one person and overturned an AMR vehicle
Spike strip, pepper balls used to stop a man who stole a Sacramento Fire Department EMS captain’s pickup truck
New graphics, a CT scanner and equipment for testing and treatment have been added to Houston’s Mobile Stroke Unit
Sacramento’s Squad 102 will be staffed by paramedics and is expected to respond to over 3,000 calls a year
AMR rig and a fire department vehicle collide when responding to a call
A man stole a Sacramento Fire Department EMS captain’s pickup truck leading to a police pursuit and standoff
A driver ran a red light while fleeing a traffic stop and collided with a Med Fleet ambulance injuring four people
American Ambulance’s rigs now have the logo of Hartford HealthCare
The Flint Fire Department ambulance is funded by opioid settlement dollars instead of tax dollars
The Elyria woman was riding a motorized scooter when she was struck by an ambulance
The new Nashville fire apparatus will be used for EMS calls, MVCs and other incidents in growing areas of the city
Cabell County medics were inside a house treating a patient when the man jumped into their rig and drove off
Generative AI with Vision will be essential to the future of emergency medicine
Complaints about long response times might come to and end for Chapin residents
Versatility and customization on display in Indianapolis
A man led police on a pursuit across two counties before crashing after a PIT maneuver
Charlotte County Fire and EMS has started a program to add ambulances during the busiest times of the day
Braun Chief XL ambulances on display at Booth #5846
Crestline has expanded their production facility to reduce lead time
Syracuse firefighters were transporting a child to a hospital when they collided with an SUV
The West Covina Fire Department unveiled three new ambulances and a new fire truck