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Take control of the situation and establish command as soon as possible to start triaging and transporting patients
Unvalidated third-party lines may lead to inaccurate results and other problems
No matter the incident’s size, scanning patient wristbands keeps all responders and clinicians united
A recently published white paper establishes a path for public safety legislative advocacy
There are many ways patient care documentation can be optimized, from QA/QI and software integrations to internal education programs
Whether you need a professional biller or just billing software, this company works to make it easy
New capabilities will change how care is delivered – and agencies need to adapt
Improved communication, ergonomics and ride lead to better patient outcomes and better working environments for paramedics and EMTs
ESO’s all-in-one Logistics Management software saves you time and money while maintaining response-ready status for your community
How a state’s wristband system and Pulsara redefined safety at the Texas Renaissance Festival
Traditional methods of decontamination may miss key threats – automated methods can provide a solution
Tips for navigating prehospital airway management techniques and challenges
A new version is tailored for EMS, and enhanced guidance will improve burn care
The VT Select helps providers control both rate and volume
Assistance is available from the U.S. government, but local systems have important responsibilities
Pioneering patient management and communication tools may be the answer to enhancing provider job satisfaction and combating EMS retention problems
It’s saved on hardware, streamlined processes and improved reimbursement while delivering quality care
Key findings from the Verizon Frontline Public Safety Communications survey
Is your agency in compliance with requirements? How can you protect yourself and your staff from the fallout of drug diversion?
Seeing the same operating picture through the Hexagon Mobile for Public Safety software helps HEMSI optimize staffing resources
Its maker knows all about demanding outdoor applications – and now it has a product for EMS
The carrier’s powerful 5G performance makes it a strong choice for the emergency services
Features to consider when choosing your perfect fit
Our smallest critically ill patients deserve a solution that’s dedicated, not improvised
Specialized software helps fire/EMS keep on top of their assets, inventory and checklists
EMS1 spoke with LogRx founder and CEO Clive Savacool to learn how this platform is filling a much-needed industry void
The small, lightweight Avive Connect AED is part of a new approach to improving cardiac arrest survival
There are benefits to both approaches – here’s what to keep in mind
The faster information can get into the hands of decision makers, the increased potential for a successful outcome