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Billing and Administration

Matt Zavadsky discusses the CMS disclosure and the latest in the move to fund treatment in place
Zavadsky details the potential changes to the MedStar system and his new position with the PWW Advisory Group
Learn more about the accreditation process before voluntary AEMT accreditation becomes available on January 1, 2025
Longview officials expect Medix to save citizens $250 in response costs
Fire Chief Colin Stowell to start a review comparing the current system with in-house or hybrid EMS service
Albuquerque Ambulance Service had initially proposed a 100% ambulance rate increase
Floyd County officials unable to agree on EMS coverage as ambulance contract expires soon
The Lockport Fire Department has a revenue amount of $800K compared to $872K spent to start the ambulance service
The Department of Health is looking for proposals for Kauai and Maui counties
A Hopkinsville board member proposed a wage reduction of about $20 per EMS paycheck, though some board members disputed this figure, preferring pay cuts to job losses
Collections dropped nearly 50% last year to $8.5M, compared to 2021 and 2022′s collections of $15.8 and $14.4M
Officials recommended a lower rate than what Albuquerque Ambulance Service sought
Ed Racht and Matt Zavadsky recount their EMS advocacy testimony to the U.S. House Committee
Floyd County Commissioners voted to pursue negotiations with AmeriPro Health as council members consider fire-based EMS
Do you agree with these rankings?
The introduction of the No Surprises Act at the federal level, along with similar laws in various states, is starting to change how healthcare is delivered in the U.S.
Hilltown Community Ambulance Association in Huntington avoided having to end service to six towns
Latest round of canceled debt applies to over 77,000 borrowers
EMS did not have a budget of its own in the Harristown fire department finances
Gilbert Fire and Rescue plans to use the revenue from a 1.7% increase to staff an additional ambulance
Floyd County officials are undecided on ambulance service options
The Floyd County council members have expressed concerns about the costs of the potential three-year ambulance contract and expressed interest in the fire-based EMS approach
Thomas County Emergency Services began cross-training fire and EMS personnel as a cost-savings measure
Whether you need a professional biller or just billing software, this company works to make it easy
Portage leaders had initially declined to pay Apsirus after it took over EMS
Decatur City Council ordinance comes after increased fire department calls to assisted-living facilities, nursing homes
After “numerous poor decisions” and a lengthy rescue, Cole Matthes drove himself to the hospital
Warren city council voted to have an ordinance written billing the residential facilities for lift assists and other non-emergency calls
New Chapel EMS and AmeriPro Health are competing to see who will provide EMS for Floyd County