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Legislation and Funding

Legislation and funding issues always affect EMS budgets and operations. Use this topic to find out how the latest economic news is affecting EMS.

Understand the distinction and implication of Congressionally Directed Spending and Community Project Funding
Matt Zavadsky discusses the CMS disclosure and the latest in the move to fund treatment in place
Zavadsky details the potential changes to the MedStar system and his new position with the PWW Advisory Group
$6 million from the package will be used for a sprint medic pilot program in three counties
The change in Fort Worth will make MedStar employees members of the fire department
A group of EMS advocates are working to enact a passage of reforms called “Rescue EMS” that would make EMS an “essential” service under the law
Municipal leaders support the bill but ask where will funding for mental health resources come from and what will be the impact on insurance funds
Jeff Davis County EMS Chief Peggy Fonseca was escorted out of the courthouse over what she called a “witch hunt” about staffing and leadership
Firefighters union in Allegany County fights against proposed cuts, layoffs as volunteer ambulance service sets to close
Longview officials expect Medix to save citizens $250 in response costs
EMS leaders and advocates rallied in Albany to promote bills that supporters say would take great steps to stabilize ambulance services
Waterford administrator offered a plan to create a new EMS department as part of a larger reorganization
Every response area has its drawbacks, but all things being equal, what percentage of providers prefer to respond to calls in their own community?
Stanislaus Surgical Hospital of Modesto had received political support after challenging the Medicare program decision.
In proposed test, “sprint” paramedics will be dispatched to calls in three counties to start treatment before an ambulance arrives
Legislation aims to classify xylazine as a Schedule III drug
County administrator said Lexington County EMS could not guarantee the new ambulance would stay in the Chapin area.
New labor regulations will increase the salary threshold for overtime exemptions – Steve Wirth shares how this impacts EMS roles
Brooke County Commissioners approved $120K in bonus money based on hours worked
Fire Chief Colin Stowell to start a review comparing the current system with in-house or hybrid EMS service
Governor Kay Ivey signed a bill that adds EMTs and paramedics to existing hazardous duty time and retirement benefits
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler promoted funding to spare the non-police intervention service
Mayor Eric Adams signed legislation requiring protection and training for FDNY EMS personnel
Albuquerque Ambulance Service had initially proposed a 100% ambulance rate increase
CalRx’s Naloxone Access Initiative will purchase 3.2M twin packs of the drug at half the market price
Stanislaus Surgical Hospital of Modesto is challenging the CMS decision
Floyd County officials unable to agree on EMS coverage as ambulance contract expires soon
The Lockport Fire Department has a revenue amount of $800K compared to $872K spent to start the ambulance service
Collections dropped nearly 50% last year to $8.5M, compared to 2021 and 2022′s collections of $15.8 and $14.4M