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Legislation & Funding

Legislation and funding issues always affect EMS budgets and operations. Use this topic to find out how the latest economic news is affecting EMS.

Why smaller EMS agencies need grant funding, and four programs to look into
Is building a new kind of clinician merely a Herculean task or a fully Sisyphean one?
A guide to enhancing workforce conditions, improving quality of care and shaping the future of the industry
The paper emphasizes the need for uniform FBI-compliant biometric criminal history checks for all U.S. EMS practitioner licenses
Gov. Inslee’s administration is also looking at state regulations to allow paramedics to administer initial opioid disorder treatment doses to overdose victims
Niagara County officials hope their ambulances will begin work before Christmas
A state grant from the Office of Emergency Management Services will enhance salaries in Mineral County
After industry objections, VA officials have pushed the change back one year
EMS1’s EMS trends state-of-the-industry survey provides targets for reducing stress, staffing challenges and leadership shortfalls
Under the “Direct Pay Bill,” health insurance plans will be required to reimburse ambulance providers for transporting out-of-network patients
If passed, the bill would establish a pilot grant program for EMS preparedness and workforce retention, allocating 20% of the grants to rural EMS agencies
The committee recommends limiting copays for ambulance rides to $100, or 10% of what insurance pays out of network for ambulance services
Bipartisan group says plan could eliminate access for veterans, cause some air services to close
Voters in Cedar County approved a measure funding a countywide ambulance service
New billing legislation also limits amount to no more than the Medi-Cal or Medicare rate