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The Fire-EMS topic deals with the range of issues facing EMTs and paramedics in the fire service. Use this page to find news and tips on survivability, ambulance safety, emergency medical response and medical operations.

Everyone must be comfortable speaking up, no matter their rank or years on the job
Emergency services organizations are struggling to meet the escalating needs for medical supplies, equipment and vehicles
Author Jeremy Norton shares his experiences from the field, fueled by the belief that EMS offers the best way to connect and help vulnerable community members
“Because of these first responders’ quick team efforts, the patient was revived — and after hospitalization, fully recovered,” Police Chief David said
“Because of their training, these public servants, these people, were all able to come together and coordinate their efforts to work as a team and save these boys,” the DA said
Clarksville received a $495,000 grant from the state, which will support the program for three years
In February, Westmoreland chose to sign a one-year deal with Cheshire EMS, replacing the Keene Fire Department as the town’s main ambulance service
Thompson Valley EMS started with just a dozen employees and grew to now more than 80 with a fleet of 12 ambulances across six stations
Gov. Inslee’s administration is also looking at state regulations to allow paramedics to administer initial opioid disorder treatment doses to overdose victims
The Howard County ambulance was parked with its rear yellow warning lights activated when the car struck the back
Wheeled Coach is a manufacturer of Type I, Type II, Type III and Medium-Duty ambulances
300 Butte College students participated in two days of fire and EMS scenarios
300 Butte College students participated in two days of fire and EMS scenarios
Kern County Medic Squad 63 had ROSC with a cardiac arrest patient prior to transport
Officials in Traverse City have begun working on recruitment, apparatus and transitioning from Mobile Medical Response