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The Fire-EMS topic deals with the range of issues facing EMTs and paramedics in the fire service. Use this page to find news and tips on survivability, ambulance safety, emergency medical response and medical operations.

A busy roadway is hands-down the most dangerous environment where we routinely work
The Independence Day holiday can increase the number of intoxicated patients and bystanders you’re likely to encounter on your shift so be careful out there
Paramedic training is intense and rigorous, but the rewards of serving others can be tremendous
Syracuse moviegoers complained of eye and respiratory irritation
A FDNY EMS spokesperson said the EMTs were transported to Staten Island University Hospital
North Kingsville officials cut the part-time EMS service earlier in July due to funding
Two of the victims were critically injured in the explosion at a popular dining and shopping area in Whittier
The Chehalis Fire Department begins the use of its new paramedic ambulance service, working alongside AMR
State officials determined that the lone vendor selected to write the AAR was not compliant with state policies
The Vancouver Fire Department’s leave-behind program aims to reduce second overdoses among patients who initially refused treatment
Two workers at the BNY Mellon Tower were trapped when their scaffolding lost power
Corey Comperatore used his body as a shield to protect his wife
A St. Louis firefighter admitted to stealing a wallet and credit card from a patient during a fatal crash
Fort Lauderdale firefighters quickly extinguished a fire at a treatment center
U.S. citizenship as a pre-requisite could be removed for first responder jobs
Investigators and experts say despite warnings about the dangers of lying face down, the patient stayed on his stomach for several minutes
The Prospect Park fire chief apologized to the department and residents, saying he was sorry for putting the borough fire company in a negative light
Helen Comperatore says she has no ill will towards Biden, but her husband would not want her to take a call from the president
The North Kingsville Fire Department ended it’s part-time EMS staffing after trial period
The lawsuit alleges women were barred from becoming paramedics by unnecessary physical tests
Flocks of birds have been swarming drones causing the FDNY and NYPD to adjust flight plans
League City EMS plans to be carrying whole blood on all of its ambulances in two years
The Fire Grants and Safety Act reauthorizes SAFER and AFG grant programs through FY2028
Millions are without power after Hurricane Beryl swept into Texas
St. Paul police said the car struck a tree and a light pole before starting to burn
Kansas City firefighters entered the sewer and found the worker face down in six to eight inches of water
Three patients were flown to mainland hospitals after the boat they were in crashed into a Florida Keys bridge
A Long Beach Fire Department captain said speed was a factor in the Alamitos Bay crash
A mother and son are among the dead after a pickup truck struck a group celebrating July Fourth in a Manhattan park