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Heat-Related Illness

Gordon Graham recommends responders be vigilant and on the lookout for kids left in hot vehicles during warmer months
Let people know how to stay safe in the sun and heat, in the water and on the road
Thousands of miles apart, two public safety professionals point to detailed plans as the reason for their organizations’ disaster response success
The Heat and Health Index is a new tool that provides heat-health data at the ZIP code level
New report reveals insights into prehospital heat-related incidents attended by EMS
Kansas City crews moved 117 individuals to nine facilities around the city
Temperatures over the next two days, with the heat index, are expected to approach 120 degrees
Phoenix has seen 28 consecutive days of 110 Fahrenheit ever recorded
Stamford police, EMS, behavioral health members and firefighters worked together to end a 6-hour standoff
Sweltering weather spreads from the Southwest to California causing heat-related deaths
The analysis found higher numbers of deaths on the hottest days and said the coldest days were fatal to even more people
More than 4,300 people gathered at Virginia Credit Union Stadium for the Stafford County public school systems kickoff event for the new school year
London’s Ambulance Service has responded to 13,400 calls in the last two days
Boston EMS transported five firefighters and evaluated four at the scene
The 74-year-old musician experienced dehydration and heat exhaustion, according to his manager
Those in the trailer were part of a presumed migrant smuggling attempt into the United States
The patients were participating in a reality TV show called “Bad Girls Gone God” when some suffered heat-related illness
Learn the risk factors, symptoms and factors that impact heat-related illness
Heatstroke and COVID-19 can have similar symptoms, making the job even harder at this year’s Games, which are expected to be the most hottest and humid on record
Cooling centers, water distribution and other precautions not enough to prevent heat-related fatalities
As you ready yourself and your community for a heat wave, keep these tips in mind
When a Rochester firefighter began suffering from heat exhaustion at the scene of a fire, a transport ambulance was not available for more than seven minutes
When Army veteran Prince Pinkney, 83, became overheated while working on his lawn, a Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue crew treated him and then picked up where he left off
Orange County fire, EMS and law enforcement officials urged hikers to properly prepare and take caution before heading out to the trails
The Escambia County EMTs responding to a call about heat stress recognized the patient from a missing persons notice
Street Medics Austin has aided several people injured by police projectiles and coordinates to help ambulances access patients
First responders arrived on scene to find an unresponsive man with a core temperature of 108.2 degrees
NAEMSP and NATA recommend a cool first, transport second approach to exertional heat stroke treatment with cold water immersion therapy
The city fire department will lean on community volunteer ambulance services to handle overflow 911 medical emergencies