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The safety topic provides news, information and resources to keep EMS providers informed about key safety issues, developments and technology, including research and initiatives focused on violence against EMS professionals, how to prevent an injury, near-miss reporting and risk mitigation.

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Know the signs of escalation and how to diffuse dangerous encounters
Everyone must be comfortable speaking up, no matter their rank or years on the job
Make your patient feel less like a sack of potatoes with these tips from Steve Whitehead
Cambria County Box 11 expands service in northern part of county
Harrison Barjolo crashed an Ashburnham ambulance at Heywood Hospital during a police pursuit
“The conditions of the victims right now is unknown” but all were taken to hospitals for treatment, police Capt. Scott Molnar said
The Chicago Fire Department said 38 people, including four children, were injured; 23 were taken to area hospitals and three of the injured were in critical condition
Marcellus Ambulance personnel faced a driver pinned upside down in a burning vehicle
A large crowd began throwing objects and damaging a fire engine as crews tried to reach crash victims
Guilderland Emergency Medical Services will have improved crew, patient safety with a power stretcher, power load system
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The injured hiker was stuck in a narrow gap in the Thunder Canyon Cave and was unable to rescued by her friends
An FDNY ambulance was struck by an SUV while en route to a hospital
Alexia Jobson, Dr. Peter Antevy, Brian Maloney, Doug Wolfberg and more join the podcast to discuss takeaways from the show
This user-friendly resource aims to address a gap in PPE selection and enhance safety culture