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The safety topic provides news, information and resources to keep EMS providers informed about key safety issues, developments and technology, including research and initiatives focused on violence against EMS professionals, how to prevent an injury, near-miss reporting and risk mitigation.

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Firefighters had to extricate the private ambulance crew
Data shows Oregon has the highest rate of death per 100,000 people
The Mayo Clinic helicopter was transporting a patient when a bird struck the windshield
Minnesota Nurses Association leaders say Hennepin Healthcare has not addressed staffing shortages, workplace safety
The initiative addresses the complex interplay between repetitive head impacts, traumatic brain injuries and mental health symptoms among first responders
While Springfield Fire Rescue Division hasn’t experienced gun violence against its personnel, ballistic vests have been issued for violent calls
Two Springfield Township medics have been fired; the fire chief and assistant chief remain on leave
Arlington Firefighter Brady Weaver was shot while checking on children heard crying inside an apartment
Make better decisions by putting data to work for your agency
The law now allows TEMS medics to carry a firearm in prohibited areas for their protection
While lots of people talk about the importance of sleep, they often do not address how to get to sleep
Arlington officials said the firefighter was shot in the chest
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Through Project Pink, Life-Assist showcases a path of meaningful engagement in the fight against breast cancer
St. Paul Firefighter Kenneth Zepeda had applied pressure to the neck of a combative patient
Over 20 states have enacted legislation to provide digital mapping, site-specific labeling to give first responders critical details
When the EMS crew arrived, Jeremic Medina-Dorta began fighting and stabbed the EMT
Paramedic Bambi Dame was determined unfit for duty after Northwestern Medical Center staff reported signs of impairment
Austin-Travis County EMS personnel have had equipment and medications stolen while stationed at apartments
Officials say the Miami Fire Rescue firefighter is in serious but stable condition
Jessamine County EMS moved from 24-hour shifts to help fight fatigue in EMS personnel
Inside Health 34 – UC Davis Fire’s mobile approach to non-emergent support and service navigation
A Lifeguard Ambulance EMT was ejected after the ambulance they were in hit a guardrail and overturned
A Louisville firefighter was lowered to rescue the driver as the cab of her rig hung off the bridge after a crash
New proposed standards may require significant action to improve safe practices