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Escaping Violent Encounters

The DT4EMS owner talks dangerous encounters, personal defense and when to abandon the scene
NAEMT’s National Survey of Violence Against EMS Practitioners identifies training gaps in EMS safety
These videos demonstrate how to predict scene safety, handle violent patient outbursts and maintain a safe scene on each call
Suspect is accused of stabbing an EMT multiple times in 2019 during a wellness check transport
Union for Hennepin EMS personnel say the majority of its members want handcuffs
The number of assaults on EMS personnel was more than double in 2021 and BWCs are being seen as a means to dissuade attacks
When the EMS crew arrived, Jeremic Medina-Dorta began fighting and stabbed the EMT
A Northern Light crewmember suffered injuries to his head and hand
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show healthcare workers accounted for 73% of all nonfatal workplace violence injuries in 2018
A New Kensington Ambulance Service paramedic was punched in the eye and the ED staff were threatened
A driver yelled for the ambulance to get out of his way, then fired several shots
A patient stabbed a Mount Sinai EMT several times in the leg, chest and arm
The patient began hitting the Metro West paramedic around the head and then chased after the EMT with a rock
The AMR crew did not know what was in the patient’s bag and could not restrain him so they pulled over and left the ambulance
The PSA, which was created nearly a month after an EMT was viciously attacked, talks about the consequences of assaulting EMS personnel
Training and experience are instrumental to keeping EMTs, paramedics safe from violent attacks
“Mayor de Blasio, you need to do more to protect the men and women who protect and serve this city,” said EMS Union Local 2507 president Oren Barzilay
Thomas Wright broke free from the gurney restraint, bit the EMT and knocked him to the ground, then began stomping on his head
The County Sheriff’s department later arrested William Swagger after he jumped out of a moving ambulance to escape
The recently mandated training comes after the company says there has been an apparent increase in attacks on paramedics and EMTs while on duty in Portland
EMS Chief Ernesto M. Rodriguez shares insights from the City of Austin EMS Department Assault Survey
The EMT was stabbed seven times in the abdomen and legs and a second EMT driving the ambulance was pepper-sprayed
Understanding the risks inherent in EMS is critical to taking action to prevent death and injury in the line of duty
Donna Taylor, 37, was arrested Thursday afternoon on charges that she struck the first responder multiple times and resisted arrest
With an armed gunman in pursuit after an attempted mugging, the man stopped a passing ambulance and escaped inside