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The term has been banned from EMS training with the exception to describe its historical usage
Missoula’s Crisis Intervention Team training is based on actual incidents and focuses on communication, inter-agency networking
The initiative addresses the complex interplay between repetitive head impacts, traumatic brain injuries and mental health symptoms among first responders
Nearly half of respondents said that the organization of their home has an impact on their mental health and 80% feel more motivated when their home isn’t cluttered
Be alert to these phrases and ready to be empathetic and non-judgmental
Boston EMS implements nutrition, physical and mental wellness education, psychological first aid to meet the needs of its members
Resiliency training and a CISM program laid a foundation for the Richmond Ambulance Authority to support its providers’ mental health
A top-tier athlete breathwork coach shares exercises to reset your mindset on and off shift
“The generalized view of the EMS and the paramedic profession is one of hope, survival and sustained life, but the paramedic’s view of themself regarding day-to-day endeavors does not always shine and glimmer with valor”
Exploring the distinct stressors first responders face during medical calls
Being a good listener is often more valuable than offering solutions
Our control is mostly limited to our thoughts, attitudes, actions and decisions about what steps to take next
Simple gestures, like checking in after difficult calls or noticing changes in behavior, can make a significant difference
Dr. David Black, president of Wellness Solutions for Lexipol, welcomes first responders and their families to the second annual First Responder Wellness Week
Take steps to prioritize your wellness so you can better serve your community, your colleagues and your family
Through a steadfast commitment to daily steps and leaning on your support system, change is achievable
RAND report finds 911 and 988 mental health hotline require coordination from law enforcement, mental health specialists and others to promote interoperability
These tips, tools, products and services are designed to promote emotional and psychological resilience
It comes down to selecting the right members and training them in two key areas
If your home is not a place where you feel comfortable, consider reevaluating where you are putting all your time and energy
As a first responder, the unpredictable nature of your work shouldn’t extend to your home life; build strong family relationships with these recommendations
A recently published white paper establishes a path for public safety legislative advocacy
Corrine Flammer, N.J.’s first mental health resilience officer, details how EMS leaders can create custom resiliency plans that address the needs of individual providers
Assistant EMS Chief Peter Hsiao said the practice of sending a psychiatric response team was “sound in theory” but not in practice
Officials in Akron announced the formation of the Summit County Outreach Team program
Inside Health 34 – UC Davis Fire’s mobile approach to non-emergent support and service navigation