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The EMS advocacy topic features related articles, news, resources and videos concerning EMS issues and efforts to keep them in the forefront.

Kelly Grayson: “Paramedics save lives, EMTs save paramedics"; championing the role of EMTs
It’s important to foster effectiveness, professionalism and excellency; as well as core values of human decency, empathy, kindness and respect
Reflecting on how far EMS has come in 50 years
Firefighters union in Allegany County fights against proposed cuts, layoffs as volunteer ambulance service sets to close
EMS leaders hold the blueprints as we enter the era of evidence-based practices
In the spirit of today’s theme, we express our heartfelt gratitude to the remarkable members of the EMS community who go beyond the call every shift
It’s on agencies to provide opportunities for community members to learn the skills needed to potentially save the life of a stranger or loved one
This day’s theme highlights the pediatric clinical care provided by EMS and the need for increased specialized training for our youngest patients
A life-changing moment helped Paramedic/Firefighter Meryah Wilson realize she was equipped to deal with emergencies
EMS leaders and advocates rallied in Albany to promote bills that supporters say would take great steps to stabilize ambulance services
Report and commentary from the North Carolina EMS Expo 2024
Every response area has its drawbacks, but all things being equal, what percentage of providers prefer to respond to calls in their own community?
Inspiring ways to recognize providers’ contributions, educate the community and recruit the next generation
Matt Zavadsky discusses the CMS disclosure and the latest in the move to fund treatment in place
On Day 2 of EMS Week, we are talking education – both for providers and community members
This year marks the 50th recogntion of EMS Week, established in 1974 by President Gerald Ford
Zavadsky details the potential changes to the MedStar system and his new position with the PWW Advisory Group
This symbol shows that we belong to something important and we are part of the power, strength and knowledge of every EMT
“When the ER keeps us from another call, you may frolic while I hug the wall. I am there for you.”
Informed by evidence EMS chaplain Russ Myers places a high priority on follow-up with EMS personnel and dispatchers after any pediatric patient transport
Here’s an overview of what EMS chaplains do and how you can become one
Regardless of pushback, providers have a responsibility to put the safety of the patient above all else when on scene
A commitment to EMS excellence establishes a lasting reputation of respect, reliability and integrity
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s National 911 Program has gathered a variety of resources to help you celebrate your colleagues and other 911 centers
Lifeline Ambulance personnel were recognized for their commitment to high-quality EMS
Consider these gifts and tips for showing your appreciation during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week
Learn how emerging AI applications will impact dispatch, ePCR, education and revenue cycle management
Emergency care representatives testify about reimbursement, access challenges
Ed Racht and Matt Zavadsky recount their EMS advocacy testimony to the U.S. House Committee