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The news items, feature articles, videos and more you find here are selected specifically with paramedic chiefs and EMS leaders in mind. This content will give those who are charged with running a department or agency the tools, information and insight they need to excel as leaders and managers.

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There is no substitute for high-context communications and training that occurs between two people, engaging privately, face-to-face
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Solid EMS providers can often de-escalate an aggravated patient, but the very best providers can keep the patient from ever becoming agitated
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“As a volunteer agency, I want to make sure when someone calls 911 in our district, that our ambulances are ready to roll out the door when the tones go off.”
Use the habit loop to set goals in motion and achieve success
STAR Ambulance’s journey to enhancing patient care delivery and the employee experience
“Micromanage everything” and other bad advice for new industry leaders. Rank your favorites
Proven strategies to turn the tables and bring balance back into negotiations
A guide to enhancing workforce conditions, improving quality of care and shaping the future of the industry
Action doesn’t equal accomplishment – move with actual goals in mind toward a common vision