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EMTs, paramedics and firefighters have a responsibility to identify fall hazards and share prevention tips with patients and at the public events we host
Long-term care facilities are at risk of becoming hotbeds of growth for the fungus that is rapidly spreading across the United States
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Hundreds of evacuations were taking place in the Fort Myers area, where storm damage cut off potable water to at least nine hospitals
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Where EMS intersects with palliative care and hospice
Medicare- and Medicaid-certified hospitals and other facilities could insist that ambulance service staffers must be vaccinated
Dozens of emergency vehicles responded to an MCI at the Amazon center near Edwardsville, Ill., following severe storms
Empire BlueCross BlueShield and Mount Sinai Health System have reached an agreement to offer community paramedicine, ET3 and treat-in-place options
Crews argue they’re being taken advantage of and potentially taken out of action when a real disaster strikes; political battle begins
Helping a fall patient back into bed, a chair or onto the ambulance cot should launch risk mitigation in the patient’s home to prevent future falls
4 people, who were evacuated to the warehouse, died in the unsafe and unhealthy conditions