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Patient Safety

The patient safety topic contains news, tips and expert-written articles sharing how EMS providers can build safety into every system of care, ensuring that patients receive the safest and most reliable care.

Insufficient sleep impacts decision-making, wellness and risk-taking, putting providers and patients at risk
Steve Whitehead gives you permission to break things in this episode of One for the Road
Review the criteria and consider making the switch
Update your understanding of the role of antibiotics, fluid administration and coordination of clinical care
Former Aurora Paramedic Peter Cichuniec was sentenced to the mandatory minimum of five years in prison
A 12-year-old boy was trapped while digging a hole at Silver Lake dunes
The Maine Department of Health and Human Services has approved the use of the KangooFix and oxytocin
The Day County EMT driving the ambulance heard a loud bang from underneath the patient compartment during transport
The Heat and Health Index is a new tool that provides heat-health data at the ZIP code level
It took Dayton firefighters approximately 90 minutes to extricate the woman
If children aren’t properly restrained in the back of your ambulance, it puts everyone at risk
Critical insights on the safe administration of ketamine, versed, lorazepam, ativan and haloperidol
Exploring physical, chemical and alternate restraint considerations in agitated patients
Cape Fear Valley MIH collaborates with community organizations to enhance care for mental health and substance use challenges
If you’re embracing power devices to help move patients, don’t skip the first step
An explosion inside a Youngstown building collapsed the first floor into the basement
The patient fell 40 feet at the Great Falls in Salisbury
Grand County EMS personnel had to create a multistage, complex rope system amidst challenging windy, rainy conditions
Stock up on these bleeding control products and be ready to respond to emergency trauma both on and off duty
Two Catskill EMS employees have resigned after a doorbell video showed their treatment of a patient who had fallen inside an ambulance
Recommendations first made in 1995 explained keeping someone on their chest in prone restraint can dangerously restrict breathing
It’s important to foster effectiveness, professionalism and excellency; as well as core values of human decency, empathy, kindness and respect
Overland Park firefighters faced a worker buried up to his waist 15 feet below the ground
Report and commentary from the North Carolina EMS Expo 2024
EMT Julia Fatum said she’s speaking about her attack to fight for better protections for first responders and call for an increase in penalties for assaults
Tuesday’s theme aims to foster a culture of safety, collaboration and preparedness within the EMS industry and in local communities
This year marks the 50th recognition of EMS Week, established in 1974 by President Gerald Ford
Simplifying the patient assessment process for every patient can reduce variability, lower your stress and improve patient care
By working on prescription compliance, smoking cessation and other risk factors, community medics can make a difference in the lives of stroke patients