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The ethics topic contains news, strategies and expert-written articles for EMTs, AEMTs, paramedics and EMS leaders on the importance of understanding ethics, acting ethically as a caregiver, ethical decision making as a field provider or leader, the consequences of unethical decisions and actions, and how to lead ethically.

Ensuring equitable treatment for all communities begins with understanding how unintentional racism can produce racist outcomes in EMS
Additional training can help providers who want to do right by patients involved in hospice and end-of-life care
While not a legal requirement like for police officers, firefighters and paramedics may witness inappropriate behavior in the field that necessitates intervention
The two got into an argument over how to handle an unconscious patient
The Rialto firefighters maintained they were strictly adhering to COVID protocols in the 2021 incident
Tampa Firefighter Andrew Dixon was at the center of allegations of racism in the department last year
Centerton Firefighter/Paramedic Michael Brown stated he administered the drug to a patient after the fire chief noticed a 10 mg vial was missing
Colorado Springs Paramedic Nicholas Fisher tackled Dizmang and placed him in a headlock
Devvan Farina allegedly broke into the homes of patients he knew had been transported to a hospital
The medical director for the Middletown Division of Fire stated the paramedics “breached the standard of care and the breach caused” the death
EMS personnel reportedly called Rochester police to have the man removed after he assaulted a crewmember
Former Acadian Ambulance Paramedic Samrat Mukherjee was indicted for claiming to be a licensed medical doctor
Springfield EMT Peggy Finley had a $60K bond refunded due to recent legislation
Authorities received a tip that two Banner Wyoming Medical Center employees bragged about stealing mementos during the Alcova Marina fire
Area Ambulance paramedic Stefany Glassmeyer completed a hospital errand first before responding to the call