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Social Media for EMS

The Social Media for EMS topic includes news about how social media is impacting EMS, as well as analysis into how to use social media safely to demonstrate value to your community, while avoiding the mistakes that could land you – and your agency – in hot water.

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Celebrating the season with community engagement, donations and educational outreach
Fire, police and EMS agencies, as well as local governments, share their appreciation for emergency dispatchers during the 2023 recognition week
A quick scroll through these influencers’ pages will inspire you to get off the station couch and hit the gym – or at least consider it!
A New Bedford EMS crew took the time for a small gesture of kindness for an elderly couple
EMS was called to the Worcester home after the teen had become sick and fainted after eating a chip seasoned with Carolina Reaper and Scorpion peppers
Firefighters and EMS providers created and shared these six informative, fun posts and videos
Sheriff’s deputies were the last people to see the singer alive; they did a welfare check after he was seen huffing an inhalant on an Instagram live video
The Southborough Police Department said that “Trouble Bubble” gum is made with the same ingredient used in pepper spray
Chief Joshua Vance said Christopher Lee Linn showed up at scenes, then joined the Wharncliffe VFD on a provisional basis and was not to go on calls
“I was screaming,” said the cancer survivor who saw a group of youths laughing and filming her before she passed out and EMS providers treated her
The viral firefighter-influencer shares the power of comedy and social media
Whether using social media as an individual or as an agency, it’s important to consider the impact your words can have on you and the organization
Central Berkeley EMT Lacey Klein’s video of Barbara Gillespie, 72, touched many after Gillespie fell near Klein’s front door while delivering pizza
The first firefighter-influencer of the modern era shares how his early speaking nerves transformed into a love of making comedy videos
NOEMS is working on long-term staff recruitment, but for this carnival season, it has mutual aid and other measures in place to ensure public safety