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Civil Unrest

Calls involving celebrities, chemical restraint, protests and mass shootings are just some of the scenarios that will put you in the public eye
The chief officers, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics who responded to the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol describe responding to the ill and injured
On this episode of Inside EMS, our co-hosts discuss the current status of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and the importance of remaining professional regardless of your political affiliation or opinion
Multiple agencies participated in a drill at Fort Harrison involving protestors blocking a roadway
Crittendon EMS had to deal with one bridge closed for repairs and another closed by protesters
Kareim McKnight filed a lawsuit claiming that a medic, under the direction of a police sergeant, injected her against her will while she was handcuffed
A day that began with peaceful protests ended in sporadic skirmishes, with some people throwing rocks at officers, LAPD said
Union leaders say that many Care Ambulance EMTs in Los Angeles and Orange counties quit or retire out of frustration with low wages and other problems
The department details what its members faced that day and thank DC police for their work to protect the U.S. Capitol
Gaige Grosskreutz, trained as a paramedic, went to Kenosha, Wis. on the third night of 2020 protests to provide medical assistance to anyone injured in the demonstrations
In the video, department members recall stolen supplies, being spat on while treating the injured
Other bills still up for consideration include one increasing penalties for assaulting first responders and one that aims for more police accountability
The petition comes three years after civil rights investigators found Hennepin Healthcare paramedics were sedating people at the request of police
The video shows an off-duty Glastonbury firefighter saying Narcan should not be used and “when people overdose, you let them die”
The lawsuit said miscommunication between Seattle agencies led to a 20-minute delay in firefighters responding to the shooting
Hundreds defied curfew during the second night of tensions in a Minneapolis suburb
The ACLU of Ohio said some parts of the legislation could have a chilling effect on free speech
Some Hennepin EMS members criticized the change, which was made in response to civil unrest
Columbia county officials are investigating the email that said staff were “spread too thin” and would walk out on Monday
The suit claims medics allowed the photo to be taken and that the retired lieutenant posted it online implying the man was a looter during civil unrest
Re’Nae Pherigo, who says she left her job to avoid exposing her newborn to COVID-19, said she will go without food or water until unemployment benefits are paid out
Investigators hired by the city of Aurora, Colo., reported that police did not have a legal basis to stop McClain, and medics failed to properly evaluate him before administering ketamine
The former Worden Volunteer Fire Department member said tensions between legacy volunteers and new recruits culminated in the mass resignation
The Worden Volunteer Fire Department was left without enough staff to cover its ambulance shifts after the mass resignation
A charge of disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds was filed in the District of Columbia against Andrew Williams, a Sanford firefighter
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One woman was shot by the U.S. Capitol Police, and three others died in “medical emergencies,” per DC police
A woman who was killed by police was part of a crowd that was breaking down the doors to a barricaded room. Three other people died from medical emergencies during the protest
Supporters of Oostburg Ambulance, which has operated for nearly 50 years, had campaigned and petitioned to delay the board’s decision