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Volunteer EMS

This symbol shows that we belong to something important and we are part of the power, strength and knowledge of every EMT
How a hybrid paid/volunteer emergency service model can provide the best care
The state-of-the industry survey focuses on wellness, career development and satisfaction in EMS
Undocumented, unathorized expenditures and inadequate financial record-keeping some of the 10 findings inside the Plains Volunteer Ambulance Relief Association
Paramedic Rachel Brady finds multiple ways to help others as medic, flight nurse and diver
Duette Fire Chief Rocky Parker wants Manatee County officials to allow volunteer paramedics to provide ALS service
Peyton Fire Protection District officials are looking at in-house solutions to AMR’s response time, staffing problems
Adair County Health System had set up a triage center at the Greenfield high school after much of town was destroyed
Jeff Davis County EMS Chief Peggy Fonseca was escorted out of the courthouse over what she called a “witch hunt” about staffing and leadership
Firefighters union in Allegany County fights against proposed cuts, layoffs as volunteer ambulance service sets to close
In proposed test, “sprint” paramedics will be dispatched to calls in three counties to start treatment before an ambulance arrives
Six of North Dakota’s 53 counties have an adequate number of healthcare workers
EMS Accreditation
McCandless-Franklin Park Ambulance Authority and Ross/West View Emergency Medical Services Authority recognized for exceeding standards
First responders from several agencies used nine sets of tubes during a technical rescue in Gridley
Jasper County officials aim to focus on providing countywide ALS certification, service to every citizen
Report finds that funding for many EMS agencies is insufficient to cover the costs of operation
Hilltown Community Ambulance Association in Huntington avoided having to end service to six towns
The Lyme Affordable Housing Commission unveiled a plan to buy property near the firehouse to create housing for volunteer firefighters
Scotia-Glenville Central School District officials approved the break on property tax to help with recruitment, retention
Members of the Lexington County Ambulance Response Solutions group encourage residents to work on improving EMS
Moscow officials are considering several options to increase paramedic staffing as volunteers face an increasing call volume
Six bills focused on helping EMS in the state include proposals on tax funding, reimbursement and a tax credit for volunteers
Doctors had told the hunter’s family that he may not walk again
First responders can search for providers by by location, areas of expertise, accepted insurance, licensure and telehealth
The new Westport EMS ambulance won’t arrive until 2025 due to supply chain issues related to the pandemic
Western University of Health Sciences students reviewed, funding, staffing, and an aging rural population
The Emergency Medical Service Task Force will look at funding and staffing across the state, as well as increased response times
Funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is to help EMS support residents in rural communities
The Beaver County Search and Rescue team hiked 45 minutes in the dark to reach the mine