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Why technology is the key to avoiding the next 9/11 and MCI preparedness
Participants in the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride honor the fallen and support their loved ones
An idea from Minnesota Valley Transit Authority CEO Luther Wynder to show support on transit buses snowballed into a larger show of support
Louisville EMS highlights Paramedic Don Scheer’s last act of service after his sudden death
Waverly B. Woodson Jr. was wounded before he reached the Normandy beach and treated 200 men before collapsing
Springfield’s 11th annual Ride to Remember involved approximately 300 bicyclists on a 68-mile ride
Communities across the country pay tribute with moments of silence, tolling bells, candlelight vigils and other activities
“Terry loved what he did and he knew the risks, but, he did it anyway,” Battalion Chief Terryson Jackson’s brother, Sergeant Cleavone Brooks said
The shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival left 60 dead and hundreds more injured
Scott County EMS Paramedic Deputy Chief Director Devonnia Tscheulin was known as “the biggest unsung hero” in the department
The National EMS Memorial Service stopped in North Huntingdon to remember fallen EMTs, paramedics
59 EMS responders and their families will be recognized during a 3-day event in Arlington
59 fallen EMS providers are remembered on the trip to Arlington, Va.
The National EMS Memorial Service’s memorial caravan left from California for the first time