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Marking the 50th anniversary of her historic hiring, Brewer reflects on her career and the challenges and joys of breaking the fire service glass ceiling
Help keep you, your crew and your patient safe at motor vehicle collision scenes
The story of Billy Moon, a heroic fallen FDNY firefighter, and the people whose lives he has saved
Newport News first responders had not followed protocols and incorrectly declared Quandrell Williams dead
It took Dayton firefighters approximately 90 minutes to extricate the woman
Firefighters from three departments are recognized for their quick work with CPR and an AED
EMS personnel administered CPR and hydroxocobalamin after the firefighter was pulled from the burning house
Salem firefighters were alerted to an explosion and fire at the Tomo Japanese Steakhouse
An 18-year-old Allen High School graduate collapsed while participating in a citizen’s fire academy training
The jury found that Matthew Plote, a former Illinois volunteer firefighter, killed Melissa Lamesch before setting her house on fire
Firefighter Frank Whitt was killed in a crash while en route to escort EMT Drake Adams to a funeral home
The Elliott County firefighter struck a guardrail and went over an embankment after the EMT died in a separate incident
Jim Meyer suffered a broken vertebra and multiple skull fractures when the tree struck him during training
Regional agencies cover calls allowing Burnsville officials to focus on the families of the fallen
A Loudoun County firefighters was killed and two civilians are among the injured after a gas leak, explosion
Los Angeles General Medical Center Dr. Molly Deane said it is remarkable the firefighters were not more severely injured
Two of the seven injured firefighters are in critical condition
Sioux City council capped the number as the fire department moved to hire more FFs to fill vacant EMS positions
Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott opposed the plan saying some people are “excellent paramedics” who may not be able to test to be firefighters
The newest state-of-the-industry survey sharpens the focus on fire department leadership
Anthony Spada, a firefighter and paramedic with the Walla Walla Fire Department, stood trial on child sex crime charges earlier this year, but a mistrial was declared
The Prince George’s County Fire Department firefighters were transported with minor injuries after the single-vehicle incident
East Haddam EMTs and firefighters treated the kitten, dubbed Soot, with pet CPR and oxygen
Firefighters and a patient fell to the ground when the roof of the Burlington structure collapsed
Capt. Jeremy Norton shares that EMS is the majority of work firefighters face
Warren County Fire Chief Timothy Johnson was treated by his colleagues from that earlier call
9/11 survivor and volunteer firefighter Rob Weisberg is supporting first responders and veterans and their service animals
Why technology is the key to avoiding the next 9/11 and MCI preparedness
Weeklong training at the Vibrant Arena at the Mark in Moline helped first responders with incident command and rescue task force lessons