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Search and Rescue

We asked our audience, “How long should you look for a patient you can’t locate?”
A carnival crisis, cliffhangers, underground escapes and fiery extractions: First responders answered the call in 2023
“Just try to wrap your thoughts around having 3, 4, 5, 10 gunshot wound patients thrown at you – at one or two medics with one ambulance.”
Adair County Health System had set up a triage center at the Greenfield high school after much of town was destroyed
Lone Peak, is one of the highest peaks in the Wasatch Range towering over Salt Lake City
Veterinarians play a vital role in emergency situations, not only caring for the K-9 officers, but also tending to pets affected by disaster
One teen was critically injured after falling 30 feet inside the intercontinental ballistic missile silo in Arapahoe County
Rescuers pulled two people out of the water after the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed; six people remain unaccounted for
Eagle County Paramedic Steve Zuckerman was known for making a difference every day
After “numerous poor decisions” and a lengthy rescue, Cole Matthes drove himself to the hospital
Avalanche occurred as victims were hiking the main thoroughfare between Anchorage and Seward
Legislation to create and place a second team in Allegheny County moves to the House
The Gallatin County Sheriff Search and Rescue used their unique rig to respond to a call near West Yellowstone
Search and rescue team members in Killington hiked five miles to find the lost individuals
A search and rescue team hiked in to reach the teen in the Ventana Wilderness
The person who was killed was a guest at the resort and from out of town; two others were caught in the slide and extracted from the snow without injuries
MedStar stated 15 patients were transported from the Sandman Signature Hotel in Fort Worth after an explosion
Seven departments were involved in locating, treating and transporting the 72-year-old hunter in cardiac arrest
Pennington County Search and Rescue is composed of members with a wide variety of backgrounds, experience and knowledge
The Beaver County Search and Rescue team hiked 45 minutes in the dark to reach the mine
The man was rescued 4 miles from where he first called rescuers and spent over an hour in the water, Snohomish Regional Fire and Rescue said
The driver’s helmet likely saved their life in the fall, La Plata County Search and Rescue said
K-9 Drogon is a member of South Dakota Task Force 1, which is a statewide emergency resource, available for call-out 24/7
The hiker was “very hypothermic” but alive when found by rescuers with the Chaffee County Search and Rescue North team
Rescuers in Chaffee County were sent to rescue an ill-prepared hiker trapped by a snowstorm
USAR TF-8’s cattle dog, Staffordshire bull terrier mix works to rescue live victims
Two workers were killed when the 11-story abandoned building collapsed while being prepared for demolition
Martin County Judge Executive Lon Lafferty said they have not had any communication with the second worker in the coal plant collapse