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Recruitment and Retention

EMS providers and leaders across all levels of care have identified recruitment and retention as the top challenges facing the industry consistently in the EMS Trend Report survey. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought EMS to a crossroads – will the increased demands on providers exacerbate recruitment and retention woes, or will the increased role in public health inspire a new generation to join the ranks?

The EMS1 recruitment and retention topic includes:

There is no substitute for high-context communications and training that occurs between two people, engaging privately, face-to-face
The East Peoria Fire Department has joined others in dropping a pre-hire EMS certification requirement
Hundreds of young girls met with women in over 65 STEM-based organizations in Montgomery County
Hamilton County EMS has reversed course on chronically low pay and made an addition to its fleet
Volunteers across the state continue to answer calls and work on recruitment
Tipp City officials highlighted staffing and response time improvements in a budget review
Bloomington’s new policy removes the paramedic licensing requirement to help increase the applicant pool
Carroll County’s new combination department is continuing to grow and is on track to have career staff at seven remaining fire stations
House Bill 404 ensures the the Department of Health considers a veteran’s training related to emergency medical services
A 15-month pilot program in Clark County will have basic, advanced EMT training with an $800 biweekly stipend
Chester County commissioners approved a property tax rebate for members of fire and EMS departments