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Chief Insights

The Chief Insights column is part of EMS1’s EMS Leader Playbook – aimed at helping new EMS leaders increase their effectiveness, enhance their leadership KSAs, develop trust among crewmembers, and build confidence. Through a handful of questions presented by EMS1, veteran chiefs reflect on their early days in leadership roles and offer advice, while newer leaders detail their experiences taking on a new position. Email to offer your insights for the EMS Leader Playbook.

Sacramento City FD Battalion Chief Erik Saari on creating positive pathways for all members to contribute to the department
Jason Dyess: “Leadership is mostly a matter of the heart”
Pittsburgh EMS Chief Amera Gilchrist shares the progressive plan she fervently believes will reduce staffing challenges
The uncertainty of complex problems requires flexibility when crafting responses
“As a volunteer agency, I want to make sure when someone calls 911 in our district, that our ambulances are ready to roll out the door when the tones go off.”
Setting the tone and driving organizational change from the chief’s seat
Division Chief of EMS, Shaun Ford, shares how to be the leader you always wanted to work with
Chief Russell Goodman on helping providers achieve mastery by supporting their education and ensuring they have the tools they need to do their job
By ensuring all decisions are patient care-centric, we create providers who are passionate, motivated and excited to be a part of something bigger than any one individual