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The EMS management topic focuses on leadership within EMS agencies, bringing together a range of relevant columns and resources as well as the latest news on EMS department operations, budget issues and new appointments.

Creating an effective tabletop training exercise for pre-planning MCI response
Carly Strong and Danielle Thomas dive into people managing in EMS
“Give grace as leaders; we will all need it at some point”
Authorities found ill and elderly bedridden people on mattresses on the wet floor, some lying in their own waste
Journal of the American Medical Association research studied cash stipends for low-income people in Chelsea, Mass. and found 27% fewer visits
Multnomah County commissioners are expected to decide on a plan to change AMR staffing to one medic and one EMT.
North Kingsville officials cut the part-time EMS service earlier in July due to funding
Cambria Community Healthcare District officials say the current station is beyond its useful lifespan
Investigators and experts say despite warnings about the dangers of lying face down, the patient stayed on his stomach for several minutes
The U.S. Secret Service had already worked with Butler Memorial Hospital staff on a response plan years earlier when Donald Trump was president
EMS received a higher budget cut than others because “expenditures have increased at an astronomical rate over the last few years,” an Allegany County administrator said
The North Kingsville Fire Department ended it’s part-time EMS staffing after trial period
Plum EMS is working to get overdose patients who refuse transport to the hospital into treatment programs
Preston County officials are working to expand their EMS area of operations
Decatur Morgan Hospital EMS is appealing a second response time fine since their service started in 2021
Explaining the reason you are unable to cover an open EMT or paramedic shift is unnecessary and counter-productive
Introducing Mary Meeks, the 2024 Jack Stout Fellow
League City EMS plans to be carrying whole blood on all of its ambulances in two years
The EMS radio report communicates vital information to help the hospital prepare for the patient’s arrival
Avoid these mistakes to onboard EMTs who will thrive in EMS, and give their all to your agency
For 2 hours and 43 minutes each day, someone is influencing our providers, and ideally, it should be us
Orangeburg County EMS and the sheriff’s office will go to court after a judge ruled earlier that Paul Tarashuk’s death did not fall under qualified immunity
Millions are without power after Hurricane Beryl swept into Texas
Be the person you needed when you were new and set a positive example on every shift
Officials stated Headwaters Emergency Medical Services has met the goal of having at least one ALS rig in service 24/7
Mend the Line counselors held an awareness program for first responders in London
Since 2010, 149 rural hospitals have either closed or stopped providing in-patient care
Durham’s HEART clinicians, working with paramedics and police officers, see a citywide expansion of operations
The Humboldt County Civil Grand Jury released a report detailing the history of two crisis response teams and their future funding