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Tracking the whole blood landscape as updated guidelines allow EMS to carry and administer whole blood

Shelby County’s initiative for trauma patients will have whole blood available in four locations
Report and commentary from the North Carolina EMS Expo 2024
Expansion of the pilot program also allows paramedics to administer whole blood
Colorado Springs paramedics are training on using whole blood in the field
Members of Medic 27, Engine 10 and EMS 2 were the first to use whole blood on a patient since the program started
South Bend Fire Department is one of three in the state now carrying whole blood
Medics with Grady Memorial Hospital now have the training and equipment to treat patients with transfusions
Grady EMS paramedics will be the first in Atlanta to do blood transfusions in the field
The Crawfordsville pilot program is expected to increase a patient’s chance of survival
Research underscores the life-saving impact of administering whole blood transfusions as quickly as possible