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It’s on agencies to provide opportunities for community members to learn the skills needed to potentially save the life of a stranger or loved one
Inspiring ways to recognize providers’ contributions, educate the community and recruit the next generation
Use SAMPLE history to assess the patient’s complaint and make treatment decisions
Firefighters from three departments are recognized for their quick work with CPR and an AED
The Seminole County Fire Department’s Save-A-Life program helped train Winter Springs High School students in hands-only CPR
Yi-Joo Kwon met his rescuers at the FDNY’s annual “Second Chance” celebration
The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office flew the drone to a simulated emergency and dropped the AED to the 911 caller
An engine from Chuckawalla Valley State Prison/Ironwood State Prison Fire Station, staffed with two incarcerated firefighters, responded to a child’s cardiac arrest call
Dodge Center Ambulance personnel responded to a collapse at the Con-Tech plant
Cardiologist Barry Ramo, founder of Project Heart Start, started compressions on the woman as 200-300 people were engaged in training
Avive has rapidly built an expansive and diverse customer base, delivering its FDA-approved, award-winning AED technology across all 50 states
Spokane high school teammates Brody Graham and Grant Lichfield sprung into action when their coach suffered a cardiac arrest
Alisa Grubbs had just warmed up and started stretching when she suddenly collapsed
Throughout the years, Lois and Arn Hart have given their time and money to the communities they live in
When it became clear the woman’s heart rate was dangerously unstable, the jail staff used a defibrillator to restore her heartbeat to a normal rhythm
Katie Young was able to thank Northampton Regional EMS and Catasauqua Fire Department personnel for their quick response
Willie Hatchett collasped next to where Atlanta Police Officer Melina Lim was stationed
San Diego County officials set a big goal in improving their cardiac arrest survival rate
San Diego Fire-Rescue Dispatcher Juliana Rubio has been on the job for 36 years and the reunion with the Haskins was only the second time a patient sought her out
A Newton paramedic and Kingston EMT performed CPR on the firefighter and regained a pulse
Jeffrey Weber put his hands on Chris Wessels’ chest and remembered actor Steve Carell singing the Bee Gee’s song
Conquer stressful calls, identify treatment challenges and pitfalls, and use technology to its best potential to save lives this summer and beyond
Matt DeCesare went to help Tom Pepe with the only training being the rhythm of the song “Stayin’ Alive”
I started fishing in my handlebar bag for my Garmin InReach as I rolled up on a younger man attempting inadequate CPR on an older man”
Deputy Cory Patterson, who witnessed a man drive into a fence, broke into the man’s locked car and began administering lifesaving care immediately
Which event will have the biggest impact on EMS? Cast your vote
Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson tackle paramedics behaving badly, violence, medical errors and the premature end of the ET3 model
East Haddam EMTs and firefighters treated the kitten, dubbed Soot, with pet CPR and oxygen
Help student paramedics identify CHF, Curare cleft and ROSC in capnography waveforms, and develop a treatment plan