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Amid the backyard barbecues and price-slashing sales, thousands across the country are remembering their loved ones
The American flag is considered a living symbol under federal law. We must treat it as such.
What public safety can learn from the U.S. Army’s doctrine on readiness
AWI has trained more than 38,000 real estate professionals how to effectively work with veterans
Three Texas State Technical College Paramedic students celebrate Flag Day and the U.S. Army’s birthday through their military experience
For 30 hours, Waverly Woodson Jr. treated 200 wounded men all while under intense small arms and artillery fire before collapsing from his injuries
In addition to honoring Americans who gave the ultimate sacrifice, Memorial Day weekend is marked by community events, travel and the unofficial start of summer
Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez testified to include parts of the PARA-EMT Act into the National Defense Authorization Act
The fishermen was stranded on the Pulawat Atoll for three days
Maryland first responders are transitioning to a recovery operation to find six men who were filling potholes on the Francis Scott Key Bridge when it collapsed
The rollover occurred during training at Camp Pendelton
Educator finds new purpose helping to mold students at historic, cost-free, private residential school in Hershey, Pa.
After industry objections, VA officials have pushed the change back one year
Bipartisan group says plan could eliminate access for veterans, cause some air services to close
House Bill 404 ensures the the Department of Health considers a veteran’s training related to emergency medical services
Magen David Adom paramedics and EMTs are being targeted as they assist the victims of the terrorist attack
Waverly B. Woodson Jr. was wounded before he reached the Normandy beach and treated 200 men before collapsing
Injured members of the 11th Airborne Division were transported by ground and air to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
Details released on the bizarre 911 calls for a Marine injured after ejecting from his F-35 over North Charleston
Jessica Buchanan shares lessons of change, choice and hope from her 93-day captivity in Somalia
Bill by Rep. Dane Watro would streamline the certification process for veterans with medic training
Debris found during the search for the vessel “is consistent with a catastrophic implosion of the vessel,” said Rear Adm. John Mauger
A Canadian military surveillance aircraft detected underwater noises in the area of the Titanic wreck, which might indicate at least someone is alive on the Titan
4 patients in the Aurora crash were flown to hospitals
A Marin County FD captain rappelled to the car that was wedged between a broken tree and the hillside, and a paramedic got there on a 200-foot line
Career paths for a U.S. Army MOS 68W (health care specialist)
The measure also includes members of the military who responded to 9/11 in Shanksville, Pa., and at the Pentagon, unlike the original legislation
Santa Ana Police Officer Scott Caceres is raising funds to help his friend Giovanni Roman with medical expenses
John “Branch” Walton was in his last day of advanced training as a rescue swimmer when he made his first rescue