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Chapter 4 of this comprehensive desk reference about EMS in the U.S. untangles the origin and history of the EMS Star of Life
Memorial Day has a specific purpose, and maintaining that purpose is important
This symbol shows that we belong to something important and we are part of the power, strength and knowledge of every EMT
Larry Ganske and Kris Kruckman look at what has changed in EMS since they started
Marking the 50th anniversary of her historic hiring, Brewer reflects on her career and the challenges and joys of breaking the fire service glass ceiling
A bomb in a van in the underground parking garage exploded killing six people, injuring over 1,000
Chief Amera Gilchrist, the first Black and first female chief of Pittsburgh EMS, announced the launch of the academy
Take a trip down memory lane and see Barbie’s multiple roles as a first responder
Have EMS operations failed to keep up with the growing complexity demanded by the communities we serve?
The museum is honoring the anniversary of Sept. 11 with a new exhibit, “Recovery and Reflection, Celebrating the 9/11 Tribute”
What public safety can learn from the Titan submersible disaster
Witham Emergency Medical Services was launched in 1973 and responds from the hospital, 2 FDs and a clinic
Bob Gainer, a rescue squad member and Westwood firefighter, was on the job in July 1977, when Boyd County EMS took its first call
In the battle to save the historic Victory Baptist Church, 10 firefighters experienced near misses
EMS leaders described Dr. Leonard Cobb as a giant, pioneer and luminary whose work “touched the lives of thousands worldwide”
“You don’t expect to actually see a giant hole where a bridge used to be — a bridge that I had driven across thousands of times,” said Paramedic Jon Atkinson
Most of the London crewmembers’ cancers are digestive varieties or leukemia
Nagel helped develop ALS and the country’s first paramedicine program, held leadership roles through the 1980s and was an adviser for “Emergency!”
Paramedic Kevin Hazzard recounts the incredible story of the Black men and women who became America’s first paramedics
10 years later, we continue to grieve, reflect on the power of resilience, and appreciate our first responders
A six-year push for the day of appreciation, inspired by heroism and tragedy, culminated in the designation of Oct. 28 to honor first responders
“He was proud to represent our community,” Assemblyman Rudy Salas said about the founder of Hall Ambulance Service and four-term Bakersfield mayor
Who we were then, who we as a country are now and who we need to be
A FF/paramedic captain recounts hunkering down with victims at the Pentagon on 9/11 while expecting another attack
The one-hour tribute includes interviews with Randy Mantooth, Kevin Tighe and others, and COZI TV will air a marathon of episodes beforehand
“We’re able to get the stretcher under the patient and drag them to what amounts to a safer area and use less rescuers,” said Fitchburg Fire Chief Joe Pulvermacher
The event includes exhibits, music, speakers and talk about Dr. Frank Boston, a WWI veteran and the first African American man to start an ambulance corps
Still far short of a goal of 45% minority representation, veteran and retired Black members fear that upcoming retirements will further reduce the numbers
Actor James McDaniel says that the story of the pioneering EMS service is needed now