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The hazmat topic section covers hazardous operations including hazardous materials incidents. Chemical analysis, hazmat protective equipment and all the latest hazmat gear is covered, along with news and expert columns about hazmat events.

Pittsburgh EMS personnel conducted training on contaminated patients utilizing SCBA, respirators and antidotes
It is our responsibility to respond, no matter what the potential hazards may be, so what is your agency training on?
Years of preplanning aided the incident command of an MCI, building fire, technical rescue, hazmat, and terrorism crime scene all in one
The plant near Plaquemine experienced an unintended reaction in a sulfuric acid tank led to the venting of the toxic vapors
Over 50 workers were evaluated after an anhydrous ammonia leak at La Quesera Mexicana in Greeneville
First responders, hazmat teams investigated suspicious envelopes at four sites across two counties
A shelter-in-place order was given to residents near Sound Resource Solutions in Shepherd
Four synagogues and a university were sent intimidating letters creating hazmat investigations
Muriatic acid was stolen from a pool building and poured on slides at a Longmeadow playground
Paramedics evaluated, transported three people to hospitals for additional testing as firefighters evacuated judges’ chambers
11 patients from the Orange County hazardous materials incident are listed in stable condition
Several patients experiencing headaches and dizziness at a North Whitehall childcare center were transported to area hospitals
Approximately 500 Teutopolis residents within a mile of the crash scene were evacuated
Officials say approximately 4,000 gallons of the tanker’s load of anhydrous ammonia was released in the crash in Teutopolis
The Aug. 8 wildfire killed at least 97 people and destroyed at least 2,000 structures, mostly homes, in Lahaina