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Paramedic Chief

Produced in partnership with NEMSMA, Paramedic Chief: Best Practices for the Progressive EMS Leader provides the latest research and most relevant leadership advice to EMS managers and executives. From emerging trends to analysis and insight, practical case studies to leadership development advice, Paramedic Chief is packed with useful, valuable ideas you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Valuable lessons learned from the tragic death of a medic for EMS management in supporting and connecting with staff
Three Just Culture behavior categories provide a launching point for action steps and EMS quality improvement
Implement a corrective plan which fixes underlying performance issues rather than repeating the cycle of disciplinary action
Look for these features when choosing an electronic patient care reporting program
Every EMS unit poses the challenge of determining when it is no longer fiscally wise to continue maintaining the vehicle
A unique approach to paramedicine education relies on listening and patient interaction skills during scenario-based EMS training
Explaining the rationale behind mundane instructions can increase compliance and achieve better relationships with EMS staff
Understanding the complex and multifaceted reasons for low EMS wages is an important first step to improve pay and benefits
About half of NEMSMA members report providing and paying for the 60 hours of continuing education for NREMT National Continued Competency Program
Continuing education is more than a requirement; it is a benefit that to help providers do their jobs better