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Photo of the Week

Each Friday, we select a photo submitted to our EMS1 editors to be featured as our “photo of the week.” Photos range from partner selfies, to ambulances, to copters, to therapy dogs, to community events and good deeds.

So the next time you come across something inspiring on duty, take out the camera and submit it to EMS1! Your photo will be featured in an EMS1 newsletter for all to see. Just remember to include your name, agency information and some background on the picture.

Please remember to protect patient privacy and to follow agency and safety protocols during rescue operations.

Pittsburgh EMS personnel conducted training on contaminated patients utilizing SCBA, respirators and antidotes
Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS personnel took part in being ready to respond to Pittsburgh Marathon emergencies
Hall Ambulance paramedics, EMTs were recognized by their peers for dedication to patient care, career accomplishments
A Kansas City crew did not pass up a moment to spend time with some citizens and share what they do
New Castle County paramedics participated in training that expanded their use of point-of-care ultrasound devices
REACT EMS crew faced an at-home delivery in Shawnee
Clear skies ahead for EMS workers in California after mudslides, flooding
Medics in New Bedford sharpen their skills between calls
Va. healthcare, EMS officials gather to send an ambulance and supplies to Ukraine
New Castle County paramedics worked with several to extricate, treat several patients
New Holland Ambulance’s EMT students get a hands-on lesson thanks to a local butcher
Fla. paramedic serves both county and country
Two LAFD Urban Search and Rescue teams were called to assist with moving a patient to an ambulance
San Bernardino County firefighters rescued two crash victims from the Cajon Pass
VMSC EMS personnel trained on skills used to save injured K-9s
MedStar EMTs, paramedics don pink gloves to support breast cancer awareness and fund cancer research
Durham County EMS candidates faced several scenarios in the day-long training event
Probationary EMTs show their families what they have learned
VMSC’s Tactical Emergency Medical Support Unit was on the scene with law enforcement for the capture
Wake County EMS personnel work to improve their skills with adult and pediatric manikins
Pafford Medical Services and several other EMS agencies fueled up and headed to Florida
Virginia Beach EMS gets a visit from an old friend
Do you remember your first day at paramedic school?
Hundreds visited New Castle County paramedics to learn about what they do
The FDNY and other agencies held a joint training exercise on the highly contagious and deadly virus
A N.C. EMS employee makes sure EMS is in on the Barbie trend
Dickson County EMS worked to save a horse in a barn collapse