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Medical Director

Engaging payers, the medical director, administrators and field providers was key to MedStar’s successful telehealth implementation
“Instead of responding to the majority of 999 calls we receive every day, we want to flip that so we only go to those patients who really, really need a double staffed paramedic emergency ambulance quickly.”
A 13-step action plan to provide compassionate and effective care while navigating the evolving legal landscape
Kenji Inaba’s training helps officers on the field treat gunshot wounds and other injuries; officers in the metropolitan division undergo medical training drills every four weeks
St. Charles County Ambulance District’s appointment makes Dr. Tan the first full-time EMS physician in the State of Missouri
The medical director for the Middletown Division of Fire stated the paramedics “breached the standard of care and the breach caused” the death
The state-of-the industry survey focuses on wellness, career development and satisfaction in EMS
Help us identify the factors impacting wellness, career development and satisfaction in EMS
There’s someone out there who would like to really hear from you, and Steve Whitehead will tell you who in this episode
Exploring the infection control benefits of chlorhexidine, alcohol, betadine and povidone iodine-alcohol
Dr. Andra Farcas takes the helm of Washington County Ambulance Service as Dr. John Collins retires
The Texas Department of State Health Services found the medic did not adhere to protocols and compromised the patient’s condition
Examining the research on physician- vs. paramedic-led teams
A worker was buried under 10 feet of dirt and concrete in a utility construction site collapse
“Management of crush syndrome has to start in the rubble, in the hole, under the car, in the subway; treatment starts there.”