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The pharmacology topic includes a variety of news, information, videos and feature articles about the science of drug action on biological systems.

Remain consistent once you’ve established the patient’s weight, ensure you know what’s in your containers and practice dosing calculations to prevent medication administration errors
Simplifying the patient assessment process for every patient can reduce variability, lower your stress and improve patient care
Nitroglycerin or “Nitro” is a commonly encountered medication for EMS, but it may not work the way you think or do what you think it does
Here’s an overview of what naloxone is and how responders are helping curb the opioid epidemic
What is your organization doing to enhance medics’ mathematical skills in the field?
A lack of accurate data tracking led LogRX CEO and Founder Clive Savacool to redefine what pharmacology accountability looks like for street-level medics
We asked readers for advice on learning and studying pharmacology and received dozens of fantastic responses
At least 94 people died after they were given sedatives and restrained by police from 2012 through 2021, according to the Associated Press
An AP investigation shows how a strategy intended to reduce violence and save lives has resulted in avoidable deaths
Master seizure thresholds, classification and treatment approaches
Paramedics placed a backboard on the victim and an officer sat on it while they tried to restrain him
Use SAMPLE history to assess the patient’s complaint and make treatment decisions
The new law makes so-called personal use possession a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail
Ohio plans to use the data to strategize allocations of resources, including treatment referrals and the distribution of fentanyl test strips and free naloxone
Declaring the fentanyl crisis a countywide emergency would allow Whatcom County leaders to bypass certain limits on hiring and spending
Once the center of the nation’s opioid epidemic, Huntington faces carfentanil, tranq and other drugs mixed with stimulants
“Before you trade in your morphine for ketamine, the adverse events need to be discussed”
Once a patient is given the drug, the Seattle Fire Department’s Health 99 team — firefighters and case workers dedicated to overdose calls — steps in to connect patients with services such as treatment centers
The training aims to “enhance the knowledge, attitudes, and skills of first responders to quickly recognize and effectively respond to emotional and behavioral crisis incidents involving psilocybin and other psychedelics”
Decriminalization has led to a rise in psilocybin-related calls for young adults and adolescents
Centerton Firefighter/Paramedic Michael Brown stated he administered the drug to a patient after the fire chief noticed a 10 mg vial was missing
Real-world data of high-dose naloxone administration by law enforcement officers found no added benefit to opioid overdose patients
Portland’s Crisis & Sobering Center falls victim to city, county conflicts, funding competition and debate on behavioral health priorities
Dr. Jerry Snow shares xylazine pharmacology, treatment tips and high-dose naloxone implications
Critical insights into the implications of recent court rulings on EMS practice and patient care
In closing arguments, Colorado Solicitor General Shannon Stevenson said the Aurora paramedics did not properly assess McClain’s condition
Which event will have the biggest impact on EMS? Cast your vote
Prosecutors said the Aurora paramedics did not properly assess McClain and ultimately gave him a significant overdose of ketamine
Aurora paramedics Jeremy Cooper and Lt. Peter Cichuniec each face criminally negligent homicide and other charges